About Me

DSC_0288I am Chee Sergi Junn Yeow (Chee for short) from Singapore, a small but prosperous independent city state since 1965 in South East Asia.

I grew up as a regular kid like many of you. I am the eldest of three kids in my family.

My father was a timber factory manager before he retired and my mother was a Chinese opera singer.

We lived in a Kampong (small village in Malay) in Lorong Tai Seng until urbanization slowly took shape. We moved into a 4 room apartment (three were bedrooms and the 4th, a living room) in Toa Payoh which was one of the first districts to be redeveloped into a housing estate.

I started working at 13 in a furniture factory during school breaks to earn extra pocket money, flipped burgers for Burger King at 15 and caddied in a golf resort at 16.

No, I did not pick up golf as a sport. It was just too slow and boring for me.

I have always been adventurous and inquisitive since young. While my peers reluctantly enlisted into National Service, I signed on as a regular with the Republic of Singapore Airforce (RSAF) in 1988. I wanted a career that is rewarding as it is exciting, challenging and fill with adventure.

Myopia prevented my first choice to be a pilot, so I signed up as an aircraft mechanic instead. The thought of marshaling & scrambling fighters, being on call 24-7 to serve my country, the chance to travel for military exercises, and the smell of jet fuel in the morning was reason enough to look forward to work the next day.

“Blame” it on the Americans for feeding me with the spirit of adventure, patriotism and esprit de corp!

The irony of my stint with RSAF; I was posted to a workshop to service aircraft oxygen and auxiliary power supply systems. I never got to experience the Airforce the way I had imagined.

Destiny however has a funny way of helping you deal with things like that. What followed was a life I never quite imagined.

As Make- up for Travelling Overseas on Military Exercise

me & wongI joined Singapore Airlines (SIA) as a Flight Steward (Attendant) shortly after my contract with RSAF ended. It wasn’t something I had planned for, things just took a course of its own.

My platoon mate during my Basic Military Training was already with SIA then, so the stories he shared of the job somehow influenced me to join. I went on to spent 5 fantastic years with SIA and got to travel the world more than any of my peers could ever imagine.

I met my beautiful wife Brenda in SIA.

Every time I put on my airline uniform, I imagined myself being called for active military service. To me, every trip was exciting although it was for a different kind of service.

As Make- up for Marshaling & Scrambling Fighters

Several years after I left SIA, I took up skydiving and at one point started a company with another equally crazy partner of mine (Guntmar Kerbl from Austria) to introduced the sport in Singapore. Although we didn’t manage to set up shop in Singapore due to airspace restrictions, we did however managed to organize two successful boogies (skydive event) in 2004 & 2005.

We leased two Mi-8 Russian helicopters from a Latvian company that was operating out of Malaysia at that time. In a strange turn of events, I was recruited to join them as their Flight Operations Manager in late 2005.

Indonesia 2007I spent 5 years with them, during which I had the honor of being involved in humanitarian airlift operations for disaster relief with United Nations World Food Programme (UNWFP).

The company participated in rescue missions for three of the biggest natural disasters in the last decade. The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, the Kasmir earthquake in Pakistan and cyclone Nargis in Myanmar.

I participated in the latter two of the three airlift operations. It was exactly the kind of front line field experience I so desperately wanted to be part of during my time with RSAF.

kashmir Earthquake, Pakistan 2005I was right in the thick of action. Activating my crew for flights, dispatching & marshaling the helicopters for air tasks, assisting in cargo distribution and medical evacuations.

The real life intensity and drama of the events that took place, far more than what I had imagined myself being part of.

I made lifelong friends with my team made up of nationals from different states of the former Soviet Union, experienced personally real world events unfolding in front of me and traveled to places that money cannot buy.

Oh by the way, I later found out that Osama bin Laden was a “neighbor” during one of our frequent airlift missions to Abbotabad, Pakistan! Totally wicked!!!

Home is Where I Belong!

Cinema Manager, Cathay AMKI returned to Singapore permanently in 2010 because my career had taken me away from my family. They were concerned about the dangers of my job like most families would, but more importantly I wanted to start a family.

I took on a a couple other jobs. One of the which was as a Cinema Manager with a local operator.

I have always wanted to work in a cinema because I love movies. For me, watching a movie allow me to immerse myself in the magic of cinematic story telling.

friends from Cathay AMKIt was a career that was challenging but fun at the same time. I worked with a youthful mix of people whom made me feel really young.

I looked forward to work everyday and never dreaded the long hours (6 day, 8 hour double shifts). I definitely wasn’t in it for the money.

Most weekends were “burnt” and I only managed one weekend rest day once in a blue moon. I wasn’t complaining but my wife wasn’t too impressed to be honest.

In 2011, I told myself to start planning for the future. In the uncertain economic situation the whole world is in, I considered seriously the need to learn a skill that would provide me with a passive yet sustainable income just in case I lose my job.

The internet have always intrigued me and I heard so many testimonials of people finding success online. So I started doing my research, watched tutorials online and even paid a couple thousand dollars to attend a three day workshop.

It was a stepping stone for me. I used SEO and video ads as strategies for my few first marketing campaigns.

I helped a friend built a website for his brick & mortar business and made commissions for every successful customer that signs- up online. I also made money through Google AdSense with another website.

The small success gave me the confidence to devote more time into internet marketing. I know for a fact that people are making 5 – six figure incomes online working from home.

In my case, I was working part- time from the food court at my place of work. I would get into work an hour or so earlier before my shift starts, to promote and send traffic to my affiliate links.

I was making a decent side income in addition to my full- time salary.

The Year was 2015… I went Full Monty..

An unfortunate event at work “forced” me to hand in my resignation. It dawn on me that passion can only bring you so far working for someone. At the end of the day, you still trade time for money regardless how much you love the job.

I wasn’t paid very much for what I am worth anyway. I worked for the fun of the job which was a little irresponsible but; what the heck.

I knew exactly what to do next; Invest in My Online Business full- time. It couldn’t have come at a better time and God’s plan for me was immediately made clear to me. Amen!

I pretty much work anytime that is convenient for me nowadays, but to stay discipline and focused I synced my work hours with Brenda. We are are up by 7 am Monday to Fridays.

We have breakfast together before she leaves for work. I would read the papers, work out a little in the gym before I freshen up to start work at 9 am.

I break at 12 pm for a swim in the pool at my condominium before having lunch then goof around until 1.15 pm. I continue to “slug” it out until Brenda comes back from work at around 6 pm.

We’d head to the gym first then have dinner together. We spent quality time together in the evenings.

jatuchak weekend market, bangkoktime with good friendsholiday with nephews in TaiwanSometimes we head out for a nice dinner in a restaurant after grocery shopping.

Since Brenda runs her own brick & mortar business, we are able to take short holidays as and when we feel like it and go for longer ones maybe 2 – 3 times a year.

We are no longer restricted by my crazy hours when I was still working at the cinema nor limited by money. We could even afford to bring our nephews along since we don’t have our own children (yet).

I have more time with family, friends and my hobbies.

My online business runs on its own and continues to make money for me while I am away. All I have to do is set- up my campaigns to run on auto- pilot before I go away for holidays and it takes care of itself when I am having fun.

This isn’t something you just read about on the papers or see in the movies..
(No Pun Intended)…

Many people (myself included) are skeptical about the lifestyle internet marketers so freely embrace, enjoy and promote to an extent it sounds like a ponzi scheme.

What I can tell you however is this. I am definitely not some multi millionaire online marketer like some gurus are, or claim to be but my net worth has considerably tripled compared when I was employed.

I am no longer living from pay cheque to pay cheque. Money and time is not something that comes to mind whenever my family thinks of indulging ourselves.

Frankly speaking, like many who find considerable success online; I can actually continue to exponentially grow my online business many more times over. To do that, I would have to travel frequently to attend seminars & conventions to promote my business, constantly meet people and speak to share my experience, follow- up, come up with new product line to sell, etc.

It is after all a marketing job but I am perfectly happy to hide behind my laptop. The guru lifestyle is for the young and single. I don’t intend to become the next internet marketing sensation either.

This would also completely defeat the purpose of having more time to myself and my family in the first place. I am very happy and comfortable with my present lifestyle and the financial stability that comes with it.

You Can Also Be Like Me Too.. No Kidding..

I am an Internet Marketer and won’t leave anything to chance if I can promote myself and the business so here it is. There are many ways you can do this.

One of which is through Affiliate Marketing which is what I am presently doing. This is a plain and simple online business where you help to promote and sell other people’s products for a commission.

Do it right and you can easily make a 5 figure income every month.

What is the benefit of being an affiliate? You do not need to hold any inventory, no shipping & handling to process and no after sales service to provide.

You simply promote, sell, earn a commission and the vendor does everything else.

The problem? It takes time to source for and find products that are popular and sells itself. You may end up selling something that nobody is interested in or worse; something that is absolutely rubbish and end up ruining your reputation.

What Should You Know Before You Get Started?..

The thing about internet marketing or being an online business owner is this. There is just so much to learn, systems to set- up, dos & don’ts to know, getting used to trial & errors, making all the decisions on your own and facing the consequences (the good and the bad) alone.

Then there is the fear of not making the cut (in particular, not making any money), wondering what went wrong when things don’t work out, and being isolated from the real world. Internet marketing is after all a “one man show” of sorts (in the beginning) but you do literally work anytime, work anywhere you like.

Another fact, internet marketing is NOT a get rich scheme like many have mistaken it to be and most end up feeling cheated. You DO NOT make money overnight. Period!

Internet marketing is a real business. It takes a lot of hard work, effort, determination, perseverance, faith and patience but it’s worth every minute of it when you start making money. You must have faith that it works before you start.

If you don’t, please walk away when you hear sales pitches that sounds too good to be true (some really are actually).

What Do I Suggest..

The business is all about promoting something that people wants. You’ll need to learn how to put up a website or a webpage for the product or service, place advertisements (online and offline) get prospects interested, and hopefully interest them to pull out their credit card to pay for it.

You might be asking yourself how on earth do I do that? Well, remember what I mentioned earlier about finding the right products to sell and how to go about doing it. Did that get you thinking?

Some of the world’s most successful internet marketers start off just like you; without a clue. It took them a long time to learn, know what and where to find products to market (or sell). Then it took them even longer to learn how to market them correctly before they make any money online.

My suggestion to you is this, don’t reinvent the wheel and start from scratch. Go for products & services that have been proven to work, and systems that are already built for you to get started right away.

What I did back in 2011, I learnt everything from scratch and got lost despite taking classes after classes. It was frustrating to say the least.

To cut the long story short…

To put things into perspective, this program I invested in has in place a system that works for anyone who has no prior online experience. It allows you to be the CEOs of your own life, make a full- time income working part- time from home, with more personal freedom & time than any 9 – 5 job would ever allow. In fact, this system has helped regular people from all over the world made life changing income within a short time.

Here’s how the system works. It is a 21 Step system to generating income online;

* without creating your own or sourcing around for products to sell,

* without the need to build a website of your own,

* without dealing with customers,

* without ever to manage your own staff.

You also get all the tools, training and your own personal 1-on-1 coaching to making $100s, $1,000s, even 10s of $1,000s every single month and get to do it over and over again.

To put it simply, you get all the benefits of an established business without having to do the majority of the work. All you have to do is be really good at sending leads or drive traffic to the sales funnel and get paid when sales are MADE for you!

The system will work hard to turn your leads into sales, and then some of these buyers will go on to buy other products or services through up sells which makes you even more money.

Is that all I need to do.. send leads?

Exactly so.. The system will provide you with all the training materials to teach you how to send leads to your affiliate link’s sales funnels. These funnels have been tested and proven to convert into sales consistently.

It is broken down to 21 steps that anyone can easily understand. You will get instant access to training videos, and other materials in your member’s area or back office.

Not only that, you will get a personal coach to answer any questions you may have. The coaches are bona-fide successful online marketers and you’ll have access to them.

Why are these part of the system?..

It’s simple. Unlike most affiliate programs out there, the company wants you to be successful.

The more leads you send to the system, the better the company does as a whole. As such it makes sense for the company to provide the best training and coaching possible for you to do your “job”.

It is mutually beneficial when the leads you send turned into sales that YOU make money from. If You Don’t Make Money, They Won’t Either. Period!

I want to make it clear for you and explain what you will get from the system.

You get everything, PLUS you get the “unquantifiable” value of living life on your own rules, not having to worry about money or debt, working where you want and when you like, most important of all; total financial freedom!

If you add up the value of all the tangible assets in the system, everything is worth more than $1,000. Considering what you can do with the system in a short time, this is a real BARGAIN!

As mentioned, their success is tied to yours. It benefits the company when you send them leads and they are regularly recruiting people to join the system.

So, for that you won’t pay $1,000.. or $500.. or even $250..

Your one time investment is only $49. A small investment considering you will get instant access to everything you need to get started right away.

Once you have signed up, you can schedule your first appointment with your personal coach who will ask you a few simple questions to make sure you are a good fit for the system.

You will not be sold anything during the call. It’s simply an interview for him or her to get to know you and for you to ask as many questions as you like.

If you and your coach decide you’re a good fit, then you’ll immediately have instant access to your training. Your coach is assigned to you based on your time zone. If you’re in Australia, you will get an Australian Coach. If you’re in US, you’ll get an American coach so on and so forth.

The company has coaches from US, UK, Australia and most places in between.

You’ll also be asked to complete a Non- Disclosure Agreement as some of the information you’ll be getting access to is highly proprietary and needs to stay out of the company’s competitors.

You will have a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee if for any reason (which I doubt you’d have any), you like to withdraw from the program. If for any reason you think the program is not for you, it’s perfectly alright; ask for a full refund right away.

On top of that, after you have completed your 21 Step training, apply the strategies but don’t make any money within 30 days; we will still give you back your $49 and $500 just for giving it a shot. It’s a written guarantee by the way.

No questions asked!

For us to make such a bold statement, there are however some ground rules for you;
1. You’ll need to go through each of the 21 steps on the day that it is assigned to you,

2. You’ll need to complete assignments when given, diligently without fail.

Don’t worry, most of the steps and assignments are all easy and can be completed within the time it takes to watch a 30 TV minute sitcom.  We have all gone through the system and this guarantee is more than fair simply because it’s built in such a way to help you succeed.

Click Here – Get Started

After you have submitted the form and get accepted, you’ll get instant access to your member’s area and everything we spoke about here. You are just one step away from changing your life and your financial future forever.

Don’t delay, there is a chance the company may raise the application fee soon or they may stop taking in new affiliates to ensure existing affiliates are getting the maximum value from their training.

Remember, you are getting a “Done-for-You” system that will provide you with all the training you need to start making money. Once you have completed your 21 step training, all you need to do is to FIND leads and send them to your affiliate links.

It will be a breeze with the training and your personal coach on hand to lead the way.

Last but not least; let’s not forget the ironclad guarantee!

Click Here – Get Started

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