The fastest way to send traffic to your affiliate links are usually through pay-per-click PPC campaigns such as Google AdWords, Bing ads, FaceBook ads, Twitter, solo ads, etc. Unless you have a budget set aside monthly and are getting returns on your investments; PPC campaigns can put a strain on your finances over time.

New affiliates have to be creative to find ways to drive targeted free traffic to their affiliate links consistently. There are a number of effective and proven traffic strategies that are free to use online but none as fast as through video marketing on YouTube.

I am not talking about making a video and uploading it on your own channel here. What I am referring to is through a JV partnership with existing owners of YouTube videos (related to your niche) that already has substantial and consistent views over time.

This is what you do.

Decide on a product that you’d like to market as an affiliate,

  1. Go on YouTube, do a keyword research of videos related to the product,
  2. Contact the video or channel owner and ask if they like to work with you to promote your product affiliate link,
  3. Work out a compensation plan if they agree; share the commission on a weekly or monthly basis,
  4. Rinse and repeat.

Step 1 – Find a product to promote

There are many sources to find products to market online as an affiliate. Clickbank, CBengine, JVZoo, eBay, Amazon, etc.

The first three offers some of the highest commission payouts online and extremely popular with new or seasoned marketers. Signing up is easy and only takes a few minutes to set up.

Once you have signed up, confirmed and logged-in; it’s time to find a product that you would like to promote. There are thousands of products arts & entertainment, business/ investing, education, games, home & garden and even betting systems that you can pick and promote.

clickbank_front_pageLet’s use Clickbank as an example. Click on “market place” tab and chose the category you would like to promote from the left sidebar.

How you find the products that are selling well and popular is by reviewing the statistics of each product based on its gravity scores, initial $/sale, average %/sale, and average rebill, etc. You can refine your searches using Clickbank’s “reset filters & attributes” function found on the side menu bar.

This will help you narrow down your product search. A general rule of thumb is to find products that as at least a gravity score of above 50, and a commission payout of 70% of the product list price.

Once you have identified the product, it’s time to create your personalized affiliate link. To the right of each product listing, you will see a red “promote” tab. Click on it to create your own unique link.affiliate_link_creation

Tracking link is optional but it is recommended you name it to help you identify where this link is being parked. This way, when a sale comes in you’ll know exactly where it came from.

Copy and paste it on a notepad for later.

Step 2 – look for related YouTube videos

Using “woodworking” niche as your product example, search for videos that are related to the subject. Remember, the key is to find videos that have an average of 10,000 views each month over a given time.

Click on the video and have a look at the description of the video which is found directly below the video. What you have to look for would generally be;

How many views has there been since been uploaded, e.g. 10th August, 2016/ 50,000 views. That would equate to well over 5,000 views a day which means there are tons of targeted traffic coming to the video,

  • Are there any links or call-to-actions (CTA) found that are promoting their own products or that of others such as “click here to buy abcde product now” for example.
  • Are there links to ask you to subscribe or to follow for updates?

If you find any of the above, this typically means that the video is promoting a product or service of sorts.

If you don’t find anything related to the above it usually means the video is made purely for education or entertainment purpose without any intention to generate revenue and you can consider reaching out to the owner to place your affiliate product link.

Step 3 – reach out to the video owner

Once you have identified the video that you’d like to place your affiliate product link on, it’s time to get in touch with the owner. What you have to do is to send a message to the owner asking if he or she would like to work with you to market your product.

Below each and every video on YouTube on its watch page, you will find a tab which has a clickable link to the video or channel owner’s main page where you can find out more about him or her. You can simple reach out either by sending in a private message on his page or to his personal email (if available).

The key here is be nice, courteous and cordial about your intention of reaching out.  A simple message as follows should suffice;

“Hi there

My name is XXX. I’ve really enjoyed your videos on YouTube.

I’m an internet marketer and I was wondering if you’d consider working with me to promote a product that I have. It won’t take a lot of your time to set up and I will show you how it will make you some money along the way.

All you need to do is to post link to my product sales page, that’s it. The product sales page is related to your video and as such it won’t scare your viewers away!

If you’re interested to find out more, kindly email back and we can discuss a payment plan to you and I’ll provide you with the website details.

Thanks you very much for your time.


While waiting for the video owner to reply, continue to look for other related videos to reach out to even more people to partner. The general rule of thumb is to send out about 10 – 15 messages a day consistently.

Here’s a trick. The conversion to partner is always higher if you send a personal email (if available from About page) to the owner instead of a private message on the YouTube channel page.

Step 4 – work out a compensation plan

Once you hear from the video owner, it’s time to discuss payment terms. The usual practice is;

  1. a percentage of the proceeds,
  2. a percentage of the actual product cost, and (or)
  3. one time upfront payment.

More often than not, an owner would ask for option 3. However you run the risk of the having your link removed after a while (which rarely happens but do occur).

What you can do is to ask that your affiliate link to be inserted into the video description and check it before you send payment via paypal (which is safe and secure).

But if you can convince the owner to accept options 1 or two, it would be perfect. This arrangement benefits both parties immensely without stating the obvious. Put your charm into over drive here.

Finally, be honest and transparent with your sales revenue. If you have to send over a screen shot of monthly revenue generated from video, which would obviously work for you and for the owner as well.

You have to continuously build long term trust with the video owner.

Step 5 – rinse and repeat

I don’t need to go into detail for this step if everything works out as planned from steps 1 – four. You won’t need anyone remind you to start scaling your business over and over again.

Done correctly, this strategy could easily generate a four – five figure income a month. Starting out will be hard work for sure. Nothing is certain.

What I can assure you is once you get the rhythm going, everything you do would be simply to copy and paste the entire process over and over again. When that happens, you just have to come up with a system to be more efficient and productive.

It depends on how much you want to earn, and how long you like to work each day. Which leaves you with more time to do other things you enjoy?

If you are unsure of what affiliate product to promote using this simple strategy, click here and download a free eBook that reveals three business models that you can easily copy & use right away to start promoting.

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