This Will Either Offend, or Inspire You But It’s Never a Better Time to Make Money Online!

This Will Either Offend, or Inspire You But It’s Never a Better Time to Make Money Online!

best ways make money online video reveal

I recently heard a very wealthy online entrepreneur make the following bold statement;
In the year 2016, no one has a legitimate excuse to be struggling financially – and anyone who’s half serious about achieving financial freedom should be well on their way to achieving it.

Do you agree with this statement?

A lot of people (especially those struggling financially) might be offended by this. This person went on to explain why he believe this though.

With the internet, you have the following advantages in your favor which just a few decades ago, were not even imaginable;

  • You can instantaneously receive payments from anyone in the world, thanks to Paypal / credit cards,
  • You can target prospects with your ads with pin point accuracy, so you’re not wasting money advertising to the wrong people,
  • You can find online business’s that already have high converting sales systems, and by simply sending them traffic you can make a % of all sales,
  • You can build up a following on social media (like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram) which can easily be monetized

Never before in history have these kind of things been possible. But with where the internet is at in 2016, it’s now very easy for someone with an online business to go to sleep at night and wake up richer.

As an affiliate marketer, all you need to know how to do is get someone in front of another persons’ website.

You don’t need to have your own website or a product, i.e. all you need to know how to do, is place an ad online.

There’s literally thousands of platforms out there you can advertise on. The top platforms like FaceBook have over 1 billion users on them and think just what a mere 0.1% of that sees your offer?

In less than 60 minutes from now, you could have ads set up, and people (potential buyers) clicking on them. So as wonderful as all this sounds, and with all these advantages in your favor, why shouldn’t you be making money online then?

Because no one has ever shown you how to do all of this, from start to finish.

When I first started dabbling online in 2011 I needed someone to show me as well. I don’t think I would have been able to figure it all out for myself, because there’s just too much to learn.

So I found people who’d already done it, paid them for their time, and then took their advice. Today, I still made a lot of mistakes along the way, but because I had a coach in my corner I could always get support.

You need to do the same. Find someone who’s successfully doing this for themselves already, have them sit down with you and walk you through step-by-step through what needs to be done.

I assure you, with the right coach and training process these are skills you CAN learn. But you need to be willing to put in the time, and to take full responsibility for your own learning.

The problem is most coaches who offer 1-on-1 coaching costs thousands of dollars for a few hours.

But what if there is a system where they provide you with your own personal coach who will call you back, and explain exactly what you need to do to get the results?

What if, for the same amount you’d normally spend during lunch, you get full access to an online business training system (the exact same system 100,000 over students have gone through) that will teach you;

  • How to make high ticket commissions starting from of a $1,000 all the way up to $10,000 online without talking to anyone, nor make telephone sales,
  • How to place advertisements using social media platforms such as FaceBook, Google, Twitter and Instagram to send traffic to your offers,
  • What the successful online marketers earners do differently from regular affiliates,
  • How you can easily copy and use their strategies, and thinking as your own.

And what is even more ridiculous compare to my time (where I spent several thousands), It’s just $7 (the same amount you spend on lunch) for the first 7 days. For that, you’ll get access to the training and you’ll have your own personally assigned coach working with you.

Anyone who’s even half serious about changing their financial situation will invest that $7 lunch money and find 30 minutes a day to do this.

You’ll need to work with your coach whom will be assigned to you in your time zone so it’s easier for you both to speak. Each day you’ll have a short video to watch which explains what you need to do, and then you’ll just touch base with your coach and they’ll ask you how you’re going, if there’s anything you don’t understand, etc.

How difficult can that be? Watch video and see how it works

best ways make money online video link

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Beomeosa Temple – Haeundae Beach – BIFF Square Day Tour

Beomeosa Temple – Haeundae Beach – BIFF Square Day Tour

On our first day in Busan, we woke up late morning and went for brunch at Busan KTX station. Our itinerary for the day was spent visiting 3 popular tourist spots; Beomeosa Temple, Haundae Beach and Busan International Film Festival Square or BIFF Square as popularly known to the locals.

Beomeosa Temple is 1,300 years old and was built on the edge Mt. Geumjeongsan by Monk Ui Sang during Silla Kingdom in 678 AD but it was rebuilt in 1713 after the Japanese Imjinwaeran Invasion in 1592.

Directions to Beomeosa Temple

After brunch, we set off for Beomeosa Temple. To get there, you would have to get on the Metro to Beomeosa Station and transfer to bus # 90 that will take you to the temple.

In Busan, we stayed at Almond Hotel which is conveniently located to the left and within walking distance of Busan KTX Station. It is also a short walk to Busan Metro Station (diagonally across to the left of the KTX Station).

We hopped on the Metro towards the direction of Nopo Station via the orange line (line 1) for Beomeosa Station. The ride takes about 30 minutes.

Tickets are available via ticket vending machines located beside the fare gates.

Metro tickets can be purchased from ticketing machines located on the station floor along side the fare gates. Do have small change available as they only accept coins and 1,000 KW notes.

If you plan to visit multiple places like we did, do buy a day pass for unlimited travel or rides throughout the entire day. Each trip typically cost between 1,300 to 1,500 KW for adults while a whole day pass cost 4,500 KW.

On arrival at Beomeosa Station, head towards station exit 7 and turn left for a short walk up a inclined street on the right towards the bus stop located immediately left of the fork to take bus #90. This is the only bus going to Beomeosa Temple. Check out my gallery below for picture directions.

This is also the arriving bus stop on the return leg.

The bus ride is about 20 mins or so. If you have motion sickness; bring a sick bag! The ride although short has a number of sharp bends which could make you queasy.

Your cue to get off on arrival at Beomeosa Temple? When everyone else gets off and you see many people queuing to get on! Just kidding but actually it is quite obvious, however you might like to ask the driver to alert you when the bus reaches the bus stop for Beomeosa Temple or pay attention to the LED announcements of stops.

The bus stop where you disembark is also where you will board for the return leg.

You will need about an hour or so (if not more) to complete the visit to the temple.

From Beomeosa Temple, we decided to stop by Haeundae Beach. It is famous just as it is popular beach attraction among locals and tourist due to its accessibility from Busan downtown.

It has a 12 KM long coastline and during peak season, thousands of people packed the mile of sand along the beach. During the FIFA World Cup in 2006, over 50,000 people watched the South Korean team play on a giant screen. Haeundae Beach has one of the largest expatriate communities in South Korea.

Directions to Haeundae Beach

The beach is easily accessible on Line 2 (green) towards Jangsan for Haeundae Station. However, from Beomeosa Station we had to transfer train twice. From orange line 1, to Yeonsan Interchange Station for brown line 3 towards Seomyeon Station, and finally on green line 2 towards Jangsan Station.

On arrival, leave the station at exit 5 and it’s a straight walk approximately about 600 meters to Haeundae Beach.

We were greeted with lovely weather today. It was cool and breezy which makes for a wonderful and easy stroll along the beach.

Along the street towards the beach, there are numerous eateries and cafes that you can enjoy. You may also like to drop by Haeundae Market. A walking street occupied mainly by seafood restaurants, street food, a couple of clothing stores, small department stores and mini marts that sells local dry food stuff.

We finally wrapped up the day with a trip to BIFF Square or Busan International Film Festival Square. The name suffice due to the area being dedicated specifically to film since Busan held its first international film festival in 1996.

Since then, besides cinemas it has evolved into an area for leisure, shopping and dinning targeting tourist and the younger crowd.

Directions to BIFF Square

To get to BIFF Square, get back on Line 2 (green) from Haeundae Station towards Hopo Station, stopping on Seomyeon Interchange Station to change to orange line 1 towards direction of Sinpyeong Station for Jagalchi Station.

After you exit the station, look overhead for the exit to BIFF square.

Check out my gallery below for pictures we took at the three places we visited. There are also pictures with illustrations highlighting the direction to the bus stop to board bus # 90 for Beomeosa Temple.

I hope you find the information on this post useful. Do feel free to share the information with anyone you know who is planning a visit to Busan, South Korea.

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Singapore – Incheon, Seoul – Busan by Air & High Speed Rail

Singapore – Incheon, Seoul – Busan by Air & High Speed Rail

On our quarterly short getaway to recharge from work, we (or rather Brenda) decided on Korea (again…). On our last trip, we did Jeju-do and Seoul, so this time round we decided to spend a couple of days in Busan then go shopping in Seoul, South Korea.

We started checking out for flights late June 2016. After sifting through several airlines for best prices, we finally booked with Singapore Airlines on SQ600 leaving for Seoul on 22/9/2016, returning on 29/9/2016.

SQ600’s departure was 0800LT and the flight time was about 6.5 hours. A little short to enjoy all the movies on Krisworld (which for me is always a pleasure since I love watching movies).

Besides that, most other airlines don’t come close to the service on Singapore Airlines in terms of amenities and service.

Brunch and drinks were served during the flight with regular rounds of water and juice (standard service procedure) for all SIA flights, while other airlines only serve drinks and snacks on request.

Get Connected!

We arrived shortly after 1430LT, and cleared immigration and collected our baggage just before 1545LT. First things first; to get connected on WiFi!

In Korea, you can rent a hand phone or a WiFi port to stay connected. We chose the latter of course since we don’t need to be connected by phone from anyone nor do we wish to be bothered while having a good time on holiday (who does anyway right?).

You can easily sign-up for a portable WiFi port from a LG service kiosk located immediately to the left of the arrival hall once you exit the transit area after you have collected your baggage.

In Korea, instead of a data SIM card, the LG port serves as a mobile WiFi connector. It cost 6,500KW a day to rent. There is isn’t a package rate regardless of number of days you plan to use it for.

Take a queue number and wait to be served. We waited for about 15 minutes before getting our LG WiFi port. Do take note, you can share the network and only one unit is required if your group is together on the move.

Directions to Busan

Our challenge next is to get to Busan. Before leaving for South Korea, I was too lazy to do any research. Anyway, there are several ways.

You can rent a car (self drive), take a bus or get on the High Speed Rail (HSR) via Korail’s KTX trains. We chose the latter since we have never been on a HSR before and thought it would be fun.

Bookings can be made online via Korail’s website. Frankly, I can’t really say it’s user friendly. Train information and schedules were hard to find.types of happy rail passes available for tourist to South Korea

The only information I could gather were prices for their Happy Rail Pass. I decided to consult a Korean friend of mine who lives in Seoul for more information.

He told us that there are regular HSR trains departing for Busan every hour or so from Seoul and we need not book in advance. He also mentioned, the Happy Rail passes don’t apply to KTX HSR but only on regular rail trains. So it defeats the purpose of booking online.

The entire ride is about 2.5 hours from Seoul station not including a 40 minute ride from Incheon International Airport as there are no direct HSRs to Busan. For your information, a bus ride takes about 4.5 hours and self drive depends on your driving ability as well as experience.

You can buy tickets for the entire journey directly from all ticket counters located at Incheon Airport Rail Station. Your ticket connects and transfers you from the airport rail system to Seoul Station then onward to Busan (or other cities of your choice if service is available) on KTX HSR. Total cost 133,500KW for the both of us (one- way economy). First class tickets cost about 30% more.

We arrived at Seoul station around 1800 rather leisurely and with 30 minutes to spare before connecting to the HSR.

Just you know, KORAIL’s KTX and regular train connects statewide and the procedure is the same if you like to visit other cities in South Korea.

Do buy a takeaway dinner before you board your connecting train ride to Busan. They only serve beverages and snacks on board.

There are several stores selling bento set meals along the way to the train platforms. Bento meals cost between 5,000 to 9,000KW. Full set meals includes the main course, soup, wet  napkins, and a small pack of water.

Another thing to note, all train services (regular or HSR) are very puncture. They arrive and leave on the dot. So do arrive early at the correct train platform and be ready to board on time.

We settled into our seats in economy quite easily. There are luggage racks in every cabin so not to worry.

The HSR train cabins are clean, washroom amenities are stocked regularly, the are the seats are comfortable, leg room is reasonable, and the air conditioning is just right. The 2.5 hour ride was fast as expected and it was rather enjoyable.

Overall, the experience was seamless and effortless. There are clear signage along the way to show you where to go, i.e. directions to the Airport Rail network, where to buy tickets, entrance to the station, cellular or mobile network service providers, etc. At one point, Incheon International Airport was rated the best in the world, so expectations are fulfilled above and beyond at most levels of passenger service.

Everyone from the airport speaks English reasonably well, and are mostly friendly assuming some are a little apprehensive due to their degree of proficiency. But overall, I find Koreans generally friendly. It was a great start to our holiday.

I hope my article was helpful in helping you plan for your trip to South Korea. If it is, do feel free to share by clicking on the share icons below or leave your comment and feedback.


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Five Simple Steps to Unlimited and Highly Targeted Traffic to Your Affiliate Links

Five Simple Steps to Unlimited and Highly Targeted Traffic to Your Affiliate Links

The fastest way to send traffic to your affiliate links are usually through pay-per-click PPC campaigns such as Google AdWords, Bing ads, FaceBook ads, Twitter, solo ads, etc. Unless you have a budget set aside monthly and are getting returns on your investments; PPC campaigns can put a strain on your finances over time.

New affiliates have to be creative to find ways to drive targeted free traffic to their affiliate links consistently. There are a number of effective and proven traffic strategies that are free to use online but none as fast as through video marketing on YouTube.

I am not talking about making a video and uploading it on your own channel here. What I am referring to is through a JV partnership with existing owners of YouTube videos (related to your niche) that already has substantial and consistent views over time.

This is what you do.

Decide on a product that you’d like to market as an affiliate,

  1. Go on YouTube, do a keyword research of videos related to the product,
  2. Contact the video or channel owner and ask if they like to work with you to promote your product affiliate link,
  3. Work out a compensation plan if they agree; share the commission on a weekly or monthly basis,
  4. Rinse and repeat.

Step 1 – Find a product to promote

There are many sources to find products to market online as an affiliate. Clickbank, CBengine, JVZoo, eBay, Amazon, etc.

The first three offers some of the highest commission payouts online and extremely popular with new or seasoned marketers. Signing up is easy and only takes a few minutes to set up.

Once you have signed up, confirmed and logged-in; it’s time to find a product that you would like to promote. There are thousands of products arts & entertainment, business/ investing, education, games, home & garden and even betting systems that you can pick and promote.

clickbank_front_pageLet’s use Clickbank as an example. Click on “market place” tab and chose the category you would like to promote from the left sidebar.

How you find the products that are selling well and popular is by reviewing the statistics of each product based on its gravity scores, initial $/sale, average %/sale, and average rebill, etc. You can refine your searches using Clickbank’s “reset filters & attributes” function found on the side menu bar.

This will help you narrow down your product search. A general rule of thumb is to find products that as at least a gravity score of above 50, and a commission payout of 70% of the product list price.

Once you have identified the product, it’s time to create your personalized affiliate link. To the right of each product listing, you will see a red “promote” tab. Click on it to create your own unique link.affiliate_link_creation

Tracking link is optional but it is recommended you name it to help you identify where this link is being parked. This way, when a sale comes in you’ll know exactly where it came from.

Copy and paste it on a notepad for later.

Step 2 – look for related YouTube videos

Using “woodworking” niche as your product example, search for videos that are related to the subject. Remember, the key is to find videos that have an average of 10,000 views each month over a given time.

Click on the video and have a look at the description of the video which is found directly below the video. What you have to look for would generally be;

How many views has there been since been uploaded, e.g. 10th August, 2016/ 50,000 views. That would equate to well over 5,000 views a day which means there are tons of targeted traffic coming to the video,

  • Are there any links or call-to-actions (CTA) found that are promoting their own products or that of others such as “click here to buy abcde product now” for example.
  • Are there links to ask you to subscribe or to follow for updates?

If you find any of the above, this typically means that the video is promoting a product or service of sorts.

If you don’t find anything related to the above it usually means the video is made purely for education or entertainment purpose without any intention to generate revenue and you can consider reaching out to the owner to place your affiliate product link.

Step 3 – reach out to the video owner

Once you have identified the video that you’d like to place your affiliate product link on, it’s time to get in touch with the owner. What you have to do is to send a message to the owner asking if he or she would like to work with you to market your product.

Below each and every video on YouTube on its watch page, you will find a tab which has a clickable link to the video or channel owner’s main page where you can find out more about him or her. You can simple reach out either by sending in a private message on his page or to his personal email (if available).

The key here is be nice, courteous and cordial about your intention of reaching out.  A simple message as follows should suffice;

“Hi there

My name is XXX. I’ve really enjoyed your videos on YouTube.

I’m an internet marketer and I was wondering if you’d consider working with me to promote a product that I have. It won’t take a lot of your time to set up and I will show you how it will make you some money along the way.

All you need to do is to post link to my product sales page, that’s it. The product sales page is related to your video and as such it won’t scare your viewers away!

If you’re interested to find out more, kindly email back and we can discuss a payment plan to you and I’ll provide you with the website details.

Thanks you very much for your time.


While waiting for the video owner to reply, continue to look for other related videos to reach out to even more people to partner. The general rule of thumb is to send out about 10 – 15 messages a day consistently.

Here’s a trick. The conversion to partner is always higher if you send a personal email (if available from About page) to the owner instead of a private message on the YouTube channel page.

Step 4 – work out a compensation plan

Once you hear from the video owner, it’s time to discuss payment terms. The usual practice is;

  1. a percentage of the proceeds,
  2. a percentage of the actual product cost, and (or)
  3. one time upfront payment.

More often than not, an owner would ask for option 3. However you run the risk of the having your link removed after a while (which rarely happens but do occur).

What you can do is to ask that your affiliate link to be inserted into the video description and check it before you send payment via paypal (which is safe and secure).

But if you can convince the owner to accept options 1 or two, it would be perfect. This arrangement benefits both parties immensely without stating the obvious. Put your charm into over drive here.

Finally, be honest and transparent with your sales revenue. If you have to send over a screen shot of monthly revenue generated from video, which would obviously work for you and for the owner as well.

You have to continuously build long term trust with the video owner.

Step 5 – rinse and repeat

I don’t need to go into detail for this step if everything works out as planned from steps 1 – four. You won’t need anyone remind you to start scaling your business over and over again.

Done correctly, this strategy could easily generate a four – five figure income a month. Starting out will be hard work for sure. Nothing is certain.

What I can assure you is once you get the rhythm going, everything you do would be simply to copy and paste the entire process over and over again. When that happens, you just have to come up with a system to be more efficient and productive.

It depends on how much you want to earn, and how long you like to work each day. Which leaves you with more time to do other things you enjoy?

If you are unsure of what affiliate product to promote using this simple strategy, click here and download a free eBook that reveals three business models that you can easily copy & use right away to start promoting.

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BMW 216D Gran Tourer

BMW 216D Gran Tourer

After driving our trusty and reliable Mitsubishi 1.6GLXi a few months short of 10 years, we had to give it up because first its COE is due and second, her undercarriage started sounding like a MRT train.

Our BMW 216d GRAN TOURER wasn’t exactly our first choice to be honest. We were considering the Honda HRV or Toyota Harrier.

Anyway one thing led to another and we booked our first continental car in the shape of the BMW 216d GRAND TOURER after visiting Kah Motor’s showroom. Here’s my personal BMW 216d GRAN TOURER review if you are considering to buy a MPV

Standard equipment.

  • 1.5L, 220Nm of torque, 136hp, Diesel driven engine,
  • 5 + 2 (seats two Asian child up to 12 years old, and 1.3m tall comfortably),
  • when unused, 2 seats foldable to allow 645L load of boot space. With centre row seats folded, a total of 1905L is possible,
  • leather seats, steering wheel, wood trimmings, control display unit (multimedia, GPS, vehicle information), Bluetooth connection,
  • extra Handphone Charging points and centre aircon outlets below back of front passenger armrest console for rear passengers, and additional last row (boot) charging points. Kids do need to charge their tablets and gadgets too you know,
  • Electric seats for front passenger and driver. The latter allows memory settings for two drivers,
  • parking assistant (for parallel handicapped drivers lol!!),
  • Front, rear and side collision warnings,
  • reverse camera,
  • Hands free Bluetooth connection for one hand phone user (typically for the driver unless he’s the chauffeur and you are the one being driven around). Connection is configurable for multi users,
  • SOS assistance button (press for help if your BMW 216d breakdown),
  • Concierge service. At the press of a button, you can call to check for information on nearest amenities, petrol kiosk, restaurants, shopping centres, etc. You can ask just about anything and you get an answer pretty fast. You actually speak to a real person (VAs from Philippines from the sound of it). Super cool if you ask me. It’s like having your own secretary.
  • Integrated interactive GPS map in the main control display unit,
  • Front and rear passenger centre armrest with cup holders,
  • 17 inch alloy rims no spare tyre because the tyres are “run flat” type. Which means if you have a flat, it automatically inflates and keep it safely pressurised until you drive yourself to the nearest service centre. Last for about 80km before the tyres literally dies on you.
  • First aid kit, warning triangle, tool kit, and reflective vest in case you are on a highway in the middle of the night and need to stay visible to other traffic.
  • BMW Remote. This is an app where you can download into Smartphone. The app enables remote activation of ventilation, pre-conditioning of your BMW 216d before you arrive at your car.
    This can be done right away or at a predetermined time. This function is useful if your car has been baking under the sun for some time so when it’s activated, by the time you get into the cabin, it should be pretty comfortable to sit in before you turn on the air-conditioning.
    You can also lock, unlock, sound the horn (if you don’t remember where you parked it), flash the headlight and locate your BMW 216d via GPS (in the event it’s stolen), etc. Do note this takes a couple of minutes as the prompt needs to be relayed to a server before it sends a signal to the car to activate the action
  • GPS maps are updated via BMW CONNECTED DRIVE. This is a paid service which is free for the first year if I am not wrong.


Servicing and Warranty

In addition, this is what convinced us to buy the BMW 216d;

  • 5 years warranty or 100,000km whichever comes first,
  • Free servicing includes engine oil change, parts and labor,
  • BMW concierge service (connected drive)

Additional Options (worth buying)

For just another $100 each, you get to chose from the below;

  • Window film from 3M,
  • Two grooming packages,
  • pick and deliver service for servicing,
  • $100 for an additional year of insurance,

Our experience with our BMW 216d so far.

She is our first continental car. The electronics, gadgets, comfort, and especially the drive handling has been wonderful but a little overwhelming to the extent of being confusing.

The GPS is now integrated into the centre control unit so, no more hand phone or GPS holders on the windscreen to distract you. The map is also updated regularly which is nice.

The fuel economy is a real WOW. On the spec sheet, it says a full 60L tank can cover about 1,100KM.

During the first week of driving, we only managed 650+ KM due to the fact that we are still getting use to our car. Our first fuel top-up cost $66 for 60L of diesel.

This works out to more than half of what we used to fill up for our Mitsubishi.

At the time of REVIEW, we have covered just above 200KM and the indicator shows just above the 3 quarter tank mark which is nice.

Line of sight is blocked by the two column beams to the left and right which make checking traffic or obstacles while driving.

We are still getting use to the car though and sometimes the comfort access (hands free) for the rear tailgate can be a little frustrating. The parking camera and alerts can get a little annoying (we never had them with our Mitsubishi) but it has made us more careful.

Other features such as the BMW CONNECT and REMOTE APP are value added to please owners for sure but certainly very useful for new converts like us.

If you have never owned a diesel powered car before, one of the things you’ll need to get used to is the engine noise. It’s definitely a little “louder” than petrol driven car from the outside.

This is however compensated with the crazy fuel saving we got!

I once thought a taxi was driving up the drive way while waiting for my wife Brenda to pick me up and completely ignored it until she honked at me hahahahah

As far as the comfort of the cabin, it’s definitely a lot more luxurious than our previous car. There is definitely no lack power (sufficient torque) for a 1.5L car with the size and capacity of the BMW 216d Grand Tourer.

The suspension is a little hard though and not as comfortable as a regular sedan. I reckon it’s due to her height and the way its interior is laid out.

I think this is common for most MPV type cars I suppose. It could also be that we never had a MPV before so our opinion might be a little bias.

There are three different driving modes. They are sports, comfort and eco- pro. The latter which I find extremely useful in fuel saving.

This feature essentially makes the accelerator a little stiffer and harder to step on which prevents the driver from over accelerating. With this feature, it adds a new gauge below the odometer or tachometer which displays in light blue color.

The blue bar grows longer as you step on the accelerator. The idea is to limit the bar as low as possible and in doing so, the car will reward you with bonus mileage. The system also keeps your engine revving below 2,000RPM.

It also conserves as much energy as possible from the 216d’s turbo.

It’s like playing a computer game for me. The more light footed I drive, the more mileage I earn! Pretty sweet if you ask me.

On the other hand, the sports mode gives you the feel of driving completely two different cars in relation to BMW’s two car in one engineering philosophy.

The suspension system lowers and the throttle response becomes more sensitive.

There are some features that I am not particularly impressed with. One of which is the front passenger and driver chassis columns to the right and left of the car. You need to tilt your head to the right a little more to check road conditions.

Other than that, we are really enjoying the comfort (luxury), drive and fuel economy of our new ride. If you are looking around for a MPV with a little more luxury and prestige to fit a family of 4-7 (2 child), the 216d is worth considering.

How to Start an Online Store – 6 Step eBay Dropshipping Business Start up Guide

How to Start an Online Store – 6 Step eBay Dropshipping Business Start up Guide

The regular retail market has seen a huge slump over the past few years due largely to the popularity of online shopping. The bigger brand retail players have adapted quickly to include eCommerce platforms to their existing store fronts worldwide to capture the online shoppers market.

However, the price competitiveness between popular brands (with store fronts) and regular wholesalers is still pushing consumers towards the latter since they offer a wider range of merchandise with competitive pricing and convenience (free shipping, quick delivery, etc).

This has spurred enterprising home online business entrepreneurs to start their own eCommerce stores retailing clothing, electronics, household items, and many more.

Many people are jumping onto the bandwagon, but are not exactly sure how to get started. Most wonder where to source for products, which wholesaler to connect with, how much stock to keep, pricing their products to sell and the most critical of all; finding a product that sells.

There is inherent risk of losing money if you get one or all of the other components wrong. You risk stocking items that don’t sell, getting involved with wholesalers that are unreliable (fail to ship on time, delay or don’t deliver to customers) and end up with a poor customer experience which will affect your long term online reputation.

An alternative that can be equally if not more lucrative to consider is to start a drop shipping eCommerce business instead. This is basically an arbitrage business model, where you list products that you buy from a supplier (or wholesaler) and resell it at a higher price (after an order is paid for by your customer).

This way, you do not hold any inventory and run no risk at all if the product doesn’t sell. You can virtually list any product you like as long as you have a source (supplier with stock), and its resale price is competitive according to market supply & demand.

When you get a paid sale, you simply order the product from the wholesaler or supplier, make payment, provide your customer’s shipping address to them and the fulfillment is done on your behalf.

One of the most popular drop shipping platforms drop shippers used on the market is eBay. I tried it out myself and within a couple of days, I got a sale which made me a nice little $100 profit after fees and commissions (charged by eBay).

I showed my VA how to do it and she’s been scaling it up for me since.

Here’s a rundown of how you can easily get start a drop ship online eCommerce store and make some extra income on the side.

1.    Sign up for an eBay account (US domain)

Regardless of location, your objective shall be to sell global instead of restricting your online business locally and the only way to do that is to do it on the US platform ( You also improve your product outreach globally instead of local.

Certain products may not be available in one country (latest launches or release), e.g. iPhone, tablets, android smart phones, so it makes sense to list these products to sell to customers in those countries (global listing). You could potentially make a “killing” since customers who can’t wait for the product to be available in their country, and as such are willing to pay a premium over the recommended retail price.

2.    Using eBay’s online presence

One of the main advantages of using eBay as your online store front is that you shorten all the effort to promote your own online store. With eBay, as soon as an account is created, you already have some level of credibility thanks to its strict listing and customer protection policies.

With your own online store as a new seller online, no one knows about you. You’ll need to put in work and time to design your store front, promote your store to your target market, send traffic, create payment gateways, manage inventory, work with fulfillment companies and many things you might not be aware of in running your business.

With eBay, you have thousands of eyeballs right away (if you list your products correctly) with a really good chance to make a sale within a reasonably short time.

3.    Find a supplier for products

Some of the most popular products and suppliers can be found on Amazon, Home Depot, Target and even some established (reputable) wholesalers from China that has warehouses based in Europe and the US. Most of these wholesalers’ offer free shipping and orders are processed within the same day (sometimes a day or so longer).

Some of the most popular items to sell are household items, DIY kits, electronics, computers & accessories, baby products, etc. If you have no clue or whatsoever, you can use SaleHoo to find popular products (with low competition) to sell, determine trends, connect with wholesalers or suppliers, and get free tips & tricks to scale your business for more money.

There is a $67 annual fee to access their market analysis tools but well worth the investment. There is a 60 day money guarantee if you are not happy with the service.

4.    List your products
A new seller on eBay usually doesn’t have as much credibility or a track record with eBay or with customers; as such their listing may not be ranked when searched. eBay’s search result algorithm is like Google’s but with more emphasis placed on the seller’s track record, and customer review scores (high positive feedback).

You would probably ask how do I overcome that and get my listing searched more easily when I just started. As a start for a new seller, there are a few things you can do.

One of which is optimizing your product listing headline. Similar to search engines, your product listing titles must be keyword optimized.

Let’s use the following example for an iPad Mini as our example.
hot to start an online store - iPad mini ebay listing searchA generic search for iPad Mini had 272,883 searches which is extremely competitive to rank. Depending on your item specifications, how eBay listing works is you might want to include as many keywords that people are using to search for the particular version of your iPad mini listing.

There is a very useful, free online tool call title builder which helps you generate a list of the most popular keywords customers used to find products on eBay.
how to start an online store - title builder keyword searchEnter a 3-4 word keyword of your item; let’s say “iPad Mini 16GB” into the search bar. This will generate a list of the most popular keywords that are frequently used.

It will also generate a sample listing title to the right.
If you’d like to use the suggested title, simply copy & paste into your eBay listing title box but make sure to adjust the keywords a little by reviewing the results and pick the most popular words to use because there is an 80 character limit.

Once you have optimized and published the listing title, your listing will now show up ahead and of other listings that are not optimized. It will now show up higher during searches that contains the popularly used keywords and help buyers find your listing which otherwise might be buried among thousands of other listings of the same to start an online store - ebay product description

5.    Submit the URL of your listing to Google

Once you have published your product listing, copy the URL and submit it to Google for indexing immediately. This will help make sure your listing to start ranking when a search is made.

This is in addition to the spillover effect of eBay’s already highly ranked eCommerce platform and of course your optimized title of your listing.

6. Be selective of what you sell

As a new eBay seller, you have a 10 item listing limit. This is to help eBay assess your credibility, customer service, and capabilities to fulfill all orders to your customers.

This includes communicating with your customers on questions of your products, timely product handling (process for shipping), updating tracking information, product quality and replying to any emails in a timely manner.

With this in mind, you will need to selective of what you list to sell. Listing popular products that are $50 or less with competitive pricing (compared to other same product listing) to make your first sale will help you can go through the entire fulfillment process.

Once you have completed your first sale, processed shipping and the order is delivered to a satisfied customer; make a call to eBay and they will gladly consider increasing your listing limit after asking you a few questions so you can list more even products to sell.

The more you are able to list, the higher chances of getting sales, and eventually increase your revenue month to month, year to year.

There are many other ways to start an eCommerce business or an online store but an eBay drop-shipping business eliminates all the risk that is involved with one that requires stocking inventory. You only need to monitor communication with your customer (which is the most important), ensure your listing is “stocked” and be constantly on top of things of your eBay online store.


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How to Lose Weight in a Month – The Safe & Healthy Way

How to Lose Weight in a Month – The Safe & Healthy Way

Since leaving my previous job to start my own business, life has been good. I have more time with family and friends, get to socialized more, lots of great food and drinks (of course).

So good that I piled on more weight to the extend of feeling lethargic, unhealthy and totally unfit. Even though I was running and swimming regularly, I went from 72kg to 76kg in the space of a couple of months.

At 46, and with such a sedentary lifestyle (working from home), I fell sick more regularly and definitely felt unattractive (to my wife). The last I looked into the mirror, I looked grossly pudgy and decided to put a stop to my “decay”.

We have at some point in time heard about detox programs. It’s the type where you go on an entirely liquid and fiber diet of fruits, raw vegetables, and fruit juices over a couple of days (maximum three I think).

The problem however of detox programs is it leaves you drained completely of energy, makes you feel hungry, and unable to focus as you edge closer to completing the treatment. At the end of it (most if not all), put back everything you clear off your system just as fast.

I recently read about another program that promotes progressive cleansing instead of a full on detox treatment. In brief, it encourages a well balanced diet packed with nutrients, protein, sufficient fiber and lots of water without making the toilet your bedroom.

The best part of it, there is absolutely no need to lay off things that you enjoy eating in moderation. It involves cleansing your body’s system of all the bad stuff that has accumulated over the years.

The cleansing program consists of healthy protein shakes, energy drinks, low calorie (but great tasting) snacks and minerals to help build lean muscle and assist in recovery after exercising. There is no need to skip any meals as I mentioned earlier but does require a little self discipline not to binge and snack unnecessarily (if you are guilty of it, like me) and of course to start exercising regularly.

In brief, the program replaces two main meals a day with two healthy shakes (comes in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavors) packed with all the vitamins, proteins, fiber and carbohydrates an average adult needs a day.

Basically it isn’t the type that simply makes you feel full (so you don’t fell hungry) like most traditional weight lost diets where you completely lay off anything and everything else. Which makes it extremely demoralizing and most give up as soon as they started.

And by the way, this is not a weight lost diet per say although you do lose weight (in a good way) but one that promotes a healthy lifestyle change. There is a 30 day challenge which I decided to take up after going through lots of positive reviews, and picture proof of people who successfully complete the challenge.

I signed up and started my challenge on the morning of 13/4/2016 with a 350 ml strawberry shake. The initial taste experience was a little funny and powdery but it could be because I didn’t add enough water or mix it well enough. I decided to use a blender instead from there on and it was a lot better. Its just like a regular milkshake but only a lot healthier.

Mid morning each day, I have a choice between taking two chocolate snack tablets (really to carry around) or a 100 calorie snack bar with drank lots of water (with slices of lemon, not required but research shows benefits). This depends on how hectic your work life is as both choices comes in small convenient packages that can be easily packed in your bag.

Before lunch, I drank a 120 ml energy drink made from apple, raspberry juice concentrate with sodium and potassium 15 mins before heading for my swim. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t feel as tired like before.

As a matter of fact, felt I spritely and had energy to spare even after 7 laps and could have gone for more but due to time, I stopped. I didn’t feel breathless as much after my swim unlike before when I was already panting by the time I reached lap 5.

My spirit was high and didn’t feel any pressure at all during work nor felt any stress throughout the rest of the day. The mood was really easy and relaxed. I was really excited and eager to continue on to see what happens as I continue with the program.

Lunch was another 350ml of strawberry shake. Mid afternoon, I had another healthy low calorie snack with an apple.

Dinner was light (as always) with porridge, vegetables and small slice of fried dory fish only because the wife offered me (better not turn the wife down or else). I went for a 4 km run at around 8 pm after taking a 120 ml shot of energy drink mix.

I was amazed at how I was literally blowing away my run! My breathing was consistent and not labored.

After the run, I stretched down at the gym and was actually raring to continue with circuit training but felt some discomfort in my bowel so I stopped. My stool that evening was a little watery but otherwise nothing unusual although I did notice a layer of oil (yucks!).

It might be the cleanse working its way through my body, ridding it of all the bad stuff.

I did not continue with my workout but completed a short round of yoga to cool down. I had a banana at the end of my work out and took a shot of sports drink concentrate to help replenish lost salt and help rejuvenate tired muscles during my workout.

I drank more water today than usual which was good.

For the rest of the week and throughout each day, I felt fresh and energetic unlike previously on weekends when I am not at work. I was even motivated to work out even on a weekend and actually planned in more exercise then usual.

At the end of the 5th day on the first week, I felt really good in general and was less lethargic which was nice. Overall I felt light and fresh.

As part of the program every week, it also includes a two day (back to back) or one day liquid cleanse day to remove toxins and clear up the body’s system of bad stuff like a detox does. The difference is that it isn’t all liquid only, fruits and raw vegetables diet. You still get to enjoy small portions of fresh fruit, healthy energy snack bars during the day in addition to the energy drinks that are filled with proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins that are meant to cleanse and fuel your body throughout the day.

1st cleanse day

After 5 shake days, I started on my cleanse routine. Frankly, I haven’t read much of the nutritional facts on everything I have been putting in my mouth, but all I can say is that I feel really good overall.

I don’t feel hungry during the day even though it was a liquid diet but instead felt fantastic, energetic and focused with work on hand. During my mid day swim, and on my “before dinner run”; I felt that I has so much energy and strength to finish strong.

I rounded off my 4 km run with another one.5 round of a 9 course static circuit training. I don’t feel as drained after exercising like before.

All round it was pretty amazing to say the least. I actually look forward to completing the remaining 24 days of my first 30 days.

I like to add that other then the additional banana (mid morning), water melon, winter melon and another banana in the evening after my workout, I followed everything else exactly as recommended for my cleanse. I didn’t take any other solid food.

I had a total of 5 healthy snacks between breakfast, lunch, dinner and finally before going to bed. Took one shot each of energy drinks before my swim and run followed by sports drink concentrate to help in recovery.

Drank one shot of cleanse concentrate for breakfast, lunch, mid afternoon and a last one for dinner after my evening workout.

2nd cleanse day

On the second day of my cleanse, I weight myself in the morning after waking up. I had to weigh twice to make sure my eyes wasn’t playing games on me; 72.4 kg (down from 76 kg)! It’s unbelievable how much bad stuff I got rid of in my body after just 7 days!

I initially thought it might have been water weight but soon realized (as I continued) that it wasn’t.

I swarm twice that day (no run) and both times had an energy drink 15 mins before heading out. I had an apple and a banana after my swims.

The cleanse routine was no different than the first day. I don’t even feel the urge to snack  or binge anymore unlike other diets I have tried before. They don’t last beyond the week anyway.

before and after - how to lose weight in a monthFor the rest of the 24 days of my challenge, everything became second nature. I didn’t even need to think of what to eat nor watch what I eat. I just replace two main meals each day with healthy shakes, eat my favorite food moderately at other times, enjoy exercising (not dreading it) more often and drank lots of water.

The matter of fact about drinking more water besides the benefit of hydrating yourself is that I realize it helps prevent yourself from eating more than you need to at other times. When you are consciously hydrating regularly, the water helps distribute the energy from the food you consume evenly in your body throughout the day .

This effectively stops you from feeling hungry which in most cases for many people resulted in unhealthy eating habits. Instead, I simply snack on small portions of healthier alternatives in between meals to fuel my body which is recommended not only with this program but also by nutritionist.

For the record; I lost 5 kg in 30 days and I haven’t put it back since!

How did I lose weight in a month? I stick to the cleansing program, exercise regularly (not excessively), fuel my body throughout the day with healthy snacks, drank lots of water (no more carbonated drinks for me) and still enjoy my favorite food in moderation.

The important thing is NOT to starve your body. Eating smaller portions in between the main meals helps fuel your body for the day and stop you from over eating.

Taking 5 – 6 small meals and snacks has been scientifically proven to improve your metabolic rate which of course aids to expend your energy faster and more efficiently instead of being stored in your body then converted into fat if left unused.

This is exactly why people as they age, their metabolic rate slows down and starts putting on weight due to the body’s inability to expend calories from poor eating habits and diet.

As I write this, I just past my 90 days or 3 months since starting the program. I have become fitter, leaner, feel & look younger and more energetic. I have lost a total of 8 kg and achieved my goal of reaching my healthy weight of 68.2 kg for my age weight - how to lose weight in a month

My BMI dropped from its highest at 26.3 (over weight range) to a healthy weight range of 23.6 today. I also dropped four pants sizes ( from 36″ to 32″)!

I am glad that I got started with the cleansing program and would definitely encourage anyone who is interested in changing the way they look and feel to a better lifestyle.

What I really like is the fact that it is a lifestyle program where it doesn’t tell you to stop eating the things you love; yes, not even the sinful things in life that most diet plans expects you to stop eating completely. As long as you fuel your body with the right amount of nutrients, proteins and all the great stuff necessary for your body, you can continue to enjoy your favorite food in moderation.

I can also tell you this, as you progress it is easy to include regular exercise into your daily life. As a matter of fact, even if you hardly exercise previously; as soon as you feel the amazing changes (emotional and physical), you’d want to hit the gym to make your body look the part too.

If you like to find out more, feel free to leave your questions and feedback below or you can connect with me on Facebook and send me a personal message on Messenger or simply post on my timeline.

I’d be more than happy to share with you a secret that is; no longer a secret.



Making Money on the Internet – Affiliate Marketing for Dummies

Making Money on the Internet – Affiliate Marketing for Dummies

It’s hardly a surprise that affiliate marketing popularity has increased in the past few years.

With all the make money online scams spreading all over the internet, many people had been burned by at least one of those over hyped methods.

I myself started back in 2003 to look for a decent way to make money online, and I was unlucky enough to join one of those ad rotation clicks scams.

Although after few years down the line I discovered affiliate marketing, it struck me as a complicated business model and I was confused on where to start.

I would like to help people who perhaps had gone through what I have gone through, and I want to offer you a comprehensive affiliate marketing course.

I can at least give you a clear idea of what affiliate marketing is all about and what is really involved to make you a successful affiliate marketer.

Your Niche is Your Passion

Marketers who create affiliate marketing training (free or paid), they focus heavily on niche finding.

That’s because niche finding is the corner stone of any affiliate marketing campaign.

Many of us has hobbies outside the internet sphere and I bet that every single person on this planet has at least 1 field that he knows a lot about and pose a great experience in it.

When you are starting your affiliate marketing journey, it is best that you first consider turning your hobby or your area of expertise into a money making source.

A niche is just another word for market that internet marketers use, and you need to find out if your hobby is a profitable niche.

Say for example that you are expert on weight loss, may be you suffered from this problem and you would like to help other people overcome their weight issues.

I most cases your niche will be very wide with other smaller niches (called micro niches), and to be able to segment your niche will help you make more money as an affiliate marketer.

To clarify, take a look at the diagram on the right and see how niches are segmented.making money on the internet - weight lose niche

You will find that each segment or micro niche down the tree is a whole different market with a different set of products being promoted.

If you can’t segment your niche yourself, then you could use Google to do that for you.

Google has a great function called “auto complete”, and when you type in your niche’s keyword in Google plus “a or b or c” then you will get different set of micro niches.

making money on the internet - google search

From this massive list you can find the micro niche you like.

After you have decided which micro niche you want to promote, the next step is to create your affiliate marketing website.

How to Create an Affiliate Marketing Website

It is not a must to own a website in order to start promoting products as an affiliate.

But I strongly recommend that you do because it will make selling your affiliate product much easier and it will give you more free advertising options.

Also other affiliate marketing training and courses offer techniques that work better if you have a website you are selling

So owning a website will help you apply those techniques and strategies for your affiliate business.

It is going to be your base of operations!

Follow these steps to create your first affiliate website:

  • Buy a domain name for $10 per year
  • Buy a web hosting account for $50 a year (approx)
  • Install WordPress

That’s it! Apart from the investment you are going to put, nothing more to do.

To install WordPress it is easy, most web hosting companies offer a one click tool to install WordPress on your website. If you have trouble with this you can contact their customer support and they will get you up and ready in no time.

Another thing to note here is to buy the domain name from the same company you buy the web hosting from.

This way you won’t have to worry about connecting your domain name to your web hosting account. They automatically do that for you.

Starting your Affiliate Marketing Business

After you have created your website and it is live, you will need to start writing content for your blog.

Try to find ideas to write about, solve other people’s problem in the niche.

You can use Google’s auto-complete feature to also find topics to write about. Again, just type in your micro niche followed by “a or b or c up to Z”.

making money on the internet - weight lose essential oils

These keywords are more than just writing ideas; they are also keywords that are being searched on Google.

So by writing on any of these topics you could get your blog post ranked just based on what you are writing only.

You won’t need much backlinks to promote your posts (depending on the keyword competition of course).

The more content you write the more important your affiliate website becomes, people will start to like you and even more importantly they will start trusting your expertise.

This is very important in affiliate marketing, people who are able to impose their experience and influence on their website visitors tend to sell more.

Just think about it, why would people buy a product that you don’t own and they know you are getting paid for recommending it? This happens only when you have certain level of trust with them. It’s called relationship building.

What to Do Next

Now at this point you should have your affiliate website ready and filled with valuable content that people will love.

After writing few informative posts that purely offer help and not trying to sell something, you will need to then write reviews for your affiliate products.

I recommend for every product review, you write 3 information posts. This way you demonstrate to your readers that you care about helping them more than making money off them.

You will also need to get traffic to your affiliate website so that more people could see your product reviews and buy what you recommend.

You could use these free channels to get targeted traffic to your website:

  1. Social Media traffic from Twitter and Facebook
  2. SEO traffic from Google, although this requires certain skills that are outside the scope of this affiliate marketing course.
  3. Comment on other niche relevant blogs to attract some of the traffic from the blog you are commenting on.
  4. Be active on social communities and leave insightful comments there.

These are great way to start promoting your blog and over the time you will find your audience base increasing and in turn your affiliate sales as well.

ibrahim dahyYou can find out more about making money on the internet here.  There are more affiliate marketing resources available that will help you improve your skills and make you a more complete affiliate marketer.

Article Contributor:
Ibrahim Dahy is a programmer and an Internet marketer
with 9 years of experience. He has w
orked with and partnered
top marketers to develop many best selling tools.


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Turn Your Computer Into A Goldmine

Turn Your Computer Into A Goldmine

Your computer was a huge waste of money.

How do you use your computer at home?

For work I assume? But most people like to leave their work at the office if they can.

And even if you do your work on it, sometimes you probably don’t get nearly as much as you do at the office. So what do you use your home computer for?

For emails I assume again? But again most of that gets done at work.

For checking your friends out on Facebook? Am I getting closer?

The good employee doesn’t get on Facebook at work so all that social media time has to be made up at home. Maybe you use your computer to do research for products or plan vacations or perhaps every once in a while you kill a few hours by watching videos on YouTube.

All those things are good and fun. But the problem is you could do all that from your phone.

You can answer emails. You can spend hours on Facebook. You can book trips and research products. You can waste away precious time watching YouTube videos all from your phone.

And that makes your home computer a huge waste of money. But all that would change if you really do productive and financially rewarding work from it wouldn’t it?

Take a second and imagine how your life would be like if you worked from home. There would be no commute every morning and afternoon and no spending money on gas.

You’d be completely in control of your schedule and your work environment. And of course your home computer would be worth what you spent on it.

Now consider this. With the help of your own home computer, use it to leverage the internet to make money instead of using it for worthless things checking your friends out on Facebook or watch videos on YouTube.

Same way you leverage a deck of playing cards to “make” enjoyment.

Here’s what I mean; the internet is like a deck of cards. If you don’t know how to USE it and if you don’t know the “game rules”; It’s just a random, chaotic assortment of numbers and images.

-It won’t entertain you.
-It won’t be useful to you.
-It won’t do you a lick of good.

HOWEVER, when you learn the rules to a card game, everything changes.

What was before a chaotic, boring assortment of card stock can turn into hours of screaming, frantic, or strategic fun. So how do leverage a deck of cards to “make” hours of fun?

Learn the “game rules.” How do you leverage the internet to make money? Same thing, learn the game rules.

A well built internet marketing system is able to teach you the strategies and principles you need to know in order to turn the World Wide Web into a money-making powerhouse.

It teaches you how to;

  • set up a sales funnel,
  • drive traffic into that funnel, and
  • start making big commissions online

While ALSO giving you;

  • done-for-you products
  • done-for-you phone selling
  • done-for-you order fulfillment, and
  • done-for-you customer service

With all of these important aspects of an online business taken care of, you can focus on promoting your products and services or in other words; drive traffic into the funnel, without having to worry about the rest.

Using this same method, many people have made over $59,000,000 in commissions online. This means that the system works and will continue to work over.

Here is something else to think about.

How do you feel about change? Is change something that you are okay with or is it frightening to you?

If you are the type of person that fears change let me say this, the only reason change is scary is because you are afraid of the unknown. We already know what is on the previous side of change.

Where we are now is familiar to us and that is comforting in some way. Still, just because we don’t know what lies on the other side of change doesn’t mean it’s bad.

It could be something awful but, with the same odds, it could be something fantastic. What if on the other side of change you were able to attain everything you have ever wanted?

What if you knew that on the other side of a specific change would ensure you to fulfill all your heart’s desires?

You would jump at the chance for change wouldn’t you? Sure you would and so would everyone else.

The problem is we don’t know what is on the other side of certain changes. But we do know that it all means taking a chance.

So, understanding how to leverage the power of the internet, learning the rules of a card game (generically speaking) and be daring enough to confront the change in your life; all these equates to endless possibilities for just about anyone. You included!

That’s the only change you need to make.

And what would you say if there is a system out there that has eliminated all the guesswork for you. It has put together a strategy to maximize the usage of the computer, teach you how to leverage on the rules of a “card game” and show you what the amazing outcome of changing the way you do things.

Click Here – Don’t Let Your Money Hungry Boss Hold You Back

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