On our first day in Busan, we woke up late morning and went for brunch at Busan KTX station. Our itinerary for the day was spent visiting 3 popular tourist spots; Beomeosa Temple, Haundae Beach and Busan International Film Festival Square or BIFF Square as popularly known to the locals.

Beomeosa Temple is 1,300 years old and was built on the edge Mt. Geumjeongsan by Monk Ui Sang during Silla Kingdom in 678 AD but it was rebuilt in 1713 after the Japanese Imjinwaeran Invasion in 1592.

Directions to Beomeosa Temple

After brunch, we set off for Beomeosa Temple. To get there, you would have to get on the Metro to Beomeosa Station and transfer to bus # 90 that will take you to the temple.

In Busan, we stayed at Almond Hotel which is conveniently located to the left and within walking distance of Busan KTX Station. It is also a short walk to Busan Metro Station (diagonally across to the left of the KTX Station).

We hopped on the Metro towards the direction of Nopo Station via the orange line (line 1) for Beomeosa Station. The ride takes about 30 minutes.

Tickets are available via ticket vending machines located beside the fare gates.

Metro tickets can be purchased from ticketing machines located on the station floor along side the fare gates. Do have small change available as they only accept coins and 1,000 KW notes.

If you plan to visit multiple places like we did, do buy a day pass for unlimited travel or rides throughout the entire day. Each trip typically cost between 1,300 to 1,500 KW for adults while a whole day pass cost 4,500 KW.

On arrival at Beomeosa Station, head towards station exit 7 and turn left for a short walk up a inclined street on the right towards the bus stop located immediately left of the fork to take bus #90. This is the only bus going to Beomeosa Temple. Check out my gallery below for picture directions.

This is also the arriving bus stop on the return leg.

The bus ride is about 20 mins or so. If you have motion sickness; bring a sick bag! The ride although short has a number of sharp bends which could make you queasy.

Your cue to get off on arrival at Beomeosa Temple? When everyone else gets off and you see many people queuing to get on! Just kidding but actually it is quite obvious, however you might like to ask the driver to alert you when the bus reaches the bus stop for Beomeosa Temple or pay attention to the LED announcements of stops.

The bus stop where you disembark is also where you will board for the return leg.

You will need about an hour or so (if not more) to complete the visit to the temple.

From Beomeosa Temple, we decided to stop by Haeundae Beach. It is famous just as it is popular beach attraction among locals and tourist due to its accessibility from Busan downtown.

It has a 12 KM long coastline and during peak season, thousands of people packed the mile of sand along the beach. During the FIFA World Cup in 2006, over 50,000 people watched the South Korean team play on a giant screen. Haeundae Beach has one of the largest expatriate communities in South Korea.

Directions to Haeundae Beach

The beach is easily accessible on Line 2 (green) towards Jangsan for Haeundae Station. However, from Beomeosa Station we had to transfer train twice. From orange line 1, to Yeonsan Interchange Station for brown line 3 towards Seomyeon Station, and finally on green line 2 towards Jangsan Station.

On arrival, leave the station at exit 5 and it’s a straight walk approximately about 600 meters to Haeundae Beach.

We were greeted with lovely weather today. It was cool and breezy which makes for a wonderful and easy stroll along the beach.

Along the street towards the beach, there are numerous eateries and cafes that you can enjoy. You may also like to drop by Haeundae Market. A walking street occupied mainly by seafood restaurants, street food, a couple of clothing stores, small department stores and mini marts that sells local dry food stuff.

We finally wrapped up the day with a trip to BIFF Square or Busan International Film Festival Square. The name suffice due to the area being dedicated specifically to film since Busan held its first international film festival in 1996.

Since then, besides cinemas it has evolved into an area for leisure, shopping and dinning targeting tourist and the younger crowd.

Directions to BIFF Square

To get to BIFF Square, get back on Line 2 (green) from Haeundae Station towards Hopo Station, stopping on Seomyeon Interchange Station to change to orange line 1 towards direction of Sinpyeong Station for Jagalchi Station.

After you exit the station, look overhead for the exit to BIFF square.

Check out my gallery below for pictures we took at the three places we visited. There are also pictures with illustrations highlighting the direction to the bus stop to board bus # 90 for Beomeosa Temple.

I hope you find the information on this post useful. Do feel free to share the information with anyone you know who is planning a visit to Busan, South Korea.

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