YouTube has several different types of ad platforms which you can use for your video marketing campaigns. Each type of ad serves a different purpose for specific functions.

There are also specific occasions where the different type of ads serves best to help you optimize your campaigns.

In general TrueView YouTube ads are extremely cost effective. An advertiser only pays when a viewer watches at least 30 secs of the video or all the way to the end if it’s shorter.

Advertisers only pays when the viewer engages with the video, i.e. click on a CTA overlay. You don’t have to pay for impressions. 

Different Types Of Trueview Videos

In- stream Video Ads – these are usually your video contents where you promote before the main featured video. Think of them as movie trailers or teasers.

These types of ads are usually short (less then 30 seconds) and viewers have the option to skip it. Always remember that nobody watches a really long in- stream ad, so do keep them short and to the point.

Your goal is to redirect them to your landing page or website to watch a longer sales video of your products or services.

In- display Video Ads – these are search results based ads. It means when someone searches using a specific keyword, your ad will pop up on the top of the search result if it is related. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad’s thumbnail.

These ads are keyword targeted and topic specific based on what keywords you use. You can use videos that are longer than those you use for in- stream ads to illustrate or present whatever you are promoting in detail.

For both types of ads, you can use cards and annotations as clickable links to drive traffic back to your sales page or website.

To recap, for in- stream ads they should be short like a commercial or movie trailer (30 seconds) and are placed before other videos. While in- display ads are search result videos and are intended for viewers to watch a longer video.

Once you determined which type of video ads to use, it’s time to work out your AdWords strategy.

To create your first video ad campaign, head over to YouTube and scroll all the way down to the footer of the page. Search and click on “Advertise” hyperlink.

Remember in my other article I spoke about your $100 free advertising credit? You’d want to claim that first.

What you’d need to do is to create an AdWords account. Enter your information (country & email address) into the fields as prompted and your code will be sent to the email that you enter.

From the email account you used to sign-up, you will receive an email that shows exactly like the in the picture below;

youtube advert coupon email

Just note, before you proceed with this step, you need to have a video uploaded into your channel first in order to be able to create your first ad campaign. So, just take note of that.

Follow the instructions and go ahead and set-up your account to by clicking on “Claim offer” hyperlink in the email. Now, your first campaign set-up will be a little tedious but once you get the hang of it, the subsequent campaigns would be a breeze.

Once you have been redirected, you’d be asked to sign in with your Google account to complete your billing information before you review and complete your video ad campaign set-up.

You’ll be asked to provide the URL of the YouTube video you plan to promote, create your video ad, decide how much to spend (daily budget), and chose your target audience, etc. Once you enter your video URL into the first field, the rest of the required information is self-explanatory.

youtube advert campaign set-up

Your campaign management page shall be available to you once your first ads are launched. This will allow you to manage, edit and re-target any existing or future ad campaigns.

You will also have access to tools to set-up your conversion tracking, keyword & display planner to find new keywords to target, etc.

As soon as you have spent your first $25 on ads, the $100 free advertising credit shall be used to offset any additional ad cost.

I hope this helps in giving you an overview of YouTube ad placement. As always, please feel free to give me your feedback or ask me any questions.


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