Many new bloggers complain frequently of having difficulty installing WordPress blogs. They cringe as soon as they see words like Cpanel, DNS, FTP or even something as simple as web host manager pop up right in their face.

Some have no clue or whatsoever of how to sign- up for hosting, installing themes or even uploading and publishing their new articles. To some this may seem like a walk in the park, but for most this is even more difficult than waking up in the morning to go to work after a late night out partying with friends.

I can empathize with you of course. As a matter of fact I was once just like you; I was as lost as a sheep without its shepherd.

Here is what I am going to do. For being here today on my website and reading my article, I’d like to personally help you set-up, install and configure your WordPress blog for FREE. Yes, you have read it right, for FREE!

Getting a web developer to install your WordPress blog can easily cost at least $100 if not more. So, why do that when you can get me to do it for free?

Frankly,waddling through the mud trying to figure out how to do it when I first started was simply mind boggling. As such, in paying forward I’d be more than happy to help you out; no strings attached.

I would not only set-up your WordPress blog for you; I will also install plug-ins that are absolutely necessary for your website’s SEO.

A few of the more important plug-ins are;

  1. All-in-One SEO pack,
  2. Dagon Sitemap Generator and Google XML sitemap,
  3. Privacy Policy and Terms of Use,
  4. Contact form,
  5. Akismet,
  6. After The Dateline,
  7. WordPress Super Cache, and
  8. robot.txt file.

What does these plug-ins do by the way?

All-in-One SEO 

It helps you structure and organize your post using keywords for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with regards to keyword placement in the page title, meta description and the permalink (or URL) of your new post.

Once you have correctly inserted your keywords, it automatically organize it such that Google can easily crawl and index your blog post.

Dagon Sitemap Generator and Google XML sitemap –

Every optimized website needs to have a sitemap to allow Google robots to crawl your website and get your pages (blog post) indexed quickly. With the sitemap properly created, the plug-in would generate a RSS feed that allows your visitors to subscribe for the latest updates on your blog.

Privacy Policy –

If you plan to use Google AdSense to monetize your website or blog, you will need a Privacy Policy page to avoid getting penalized by Google. It is also a requirement before they approve your website to use AdSense.

This plug-in will automatically generate a generic Privacy Policy document acceptable by Google.

Akismet –

It is a simple plug-in that prevents and stops comment spams on your blog posts. This basically means that it blocks spammers from posting comments that are not related to the overall niche of your website thus preventing them from sending backlinks to their own website.

After The Dateline –

“After the Dateline” basically helps you proof read your article for grammatical and spelling mistakes before you publish your article. This is extremely common for most bloggers in their haste to publish their content.

An article regardless of how well written in terms of quality can easily turn off readers if it is filled with wrong spellings and grammatical errors that might be mistaken for a foreign language.

Robots.txt script 

Uploading this .txt file script using a plug-in prevents duplicate contents from being penalized and marked by Google for plagiarism. It simply “explains” to and inform Googlebots not to crawl and index certain post or pages on your website.

That is just about it for the plug-ins. As mentioned, these will be uploaded and installed for you absolutely free.

Now, you may be wondering why anyone would do something for free when web designers out there are charging at least a couple hundred dollars just to do it. Well, like I said earlier; I have been through the same situation like you and told myself I’ll help someone out when the opportunity arises so here I am.

In addition, my web host Hostgator whom host most of my domains is offering this in partnership with me to install your WordPress blog for free. I am also doing this with appreciation to you for being on my blog and hopefully find the contents useful.

But as with most online service providers, you would need to subscribe to a low cost web hosting plan with them before I can help you install your WordPress blog. To welcome you as a new customer, use this promo code NEWBLOG2016 for an additional 25% off any hosting plans that you sign up for. This is for new customers only.

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Once you have sign- up, I would need you to email me your login credentials for your new hosting account. I will set-up, install all the plug-ins, select a suitable theme for your new blog and have it up and running within 24- 36 hours so that you can publish your first article online.

At the end of it, I will show you how to change your passwords to your blog’s admin page or back office. I will have no further access to your blog once you have done so.

If everything sounds good to you, go ahead and select a suitable hosting plan with Hostgator right now or and I will help you get started as soon as I can.

And I like to remind you again, it would cost at least $100 to hire someone to install your WordPress blog. Getting it done for FREE is a great price (as always).

You may also like to check out First Site Guide. There are tons of free resources, and other useful information to help you get started online.

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