It was a toss between several countries for our holiday but we ultimately decided on Jeju-do and Seoul in SOUTH KOREA. Brenda has always been by the charm of Jeju-do watching Korean dramas on DVD.

We firmed up the dates and submitted our annual leave. First stop, Jeju- do from the 14th to 20th November then to SEOUL until the 24th November 2014.

We found a good deal with SINGAPORE AIRLINES, a pair of return tickets to Seoul for just SGD1,894. A fantastic fare on a world class airline (not just because its our national airline). A good deal is a good deal anytime.

The only setback was the late departure at 0005, 14-11-2014, which means we would arrive really early into INCHEON INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT in Seoul, South Korea. We would also have to hop over to GIMPO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT to catch a domestic flight to JEJU- DO.

Several domestic airlines fly to Jeju-do from Gimpo. We took KOREAN AIR 1203 that departs 1100LT.

Incidently Brenda was just here a couple of months earlier with her sister. As usual, she couldn’t remember s*** where the airport shuttle counter is.

It was a “exciting quick tour” of the airport terminal from one end to the other only to realise it was right smack in the middle of the arrival hall. Booked ourselves on the KAL LIMOUSINE BUS SHUTTLE and made a quick exit to the ramp for the bus to catch the earliest bus.

The ride was smooth and effortless. It took less then 30 minutes to get into Gimpo.

When at the airport, why not get aquainted with the local cuisine (for Brenda that is). Too early for KIMCHI for me in the morning, its Macdonalds.

In Jeju-do, the easiest way out of the airport would be to taxi out. We booked ourselves in LOGIN RESORT which is about 10mins from the airporty. The taxi ride to the hotel was 6,500?. 

The Resort was not too bad, the interior was warm and has its own kitchenette. The only problem was it was a little too quiet for Brenda’s comfort. We didn’t see other guest during our stay.

The hotel is just behind HOTEL OSLO. Both belongs to the same owner. I recommend you stay in Oslo instead as it is directly facing the sea along Yondamsam- dong Coast. There is a convenient store just to the left of the hotel.

The view is spectacular to say the least. Long strolls along the coast of the sea is wonderful for couples. The weather in November was just lovely.

We didn’t do much research to be honest, but were blessed that it was conveniently located near to all the 9 UNESCO Heritage Sites on Jeju-do. Travelling time was manageble and just nice to get from site to site.

We hired BRUCE HONG for three days. He was introduced to us by another dirver whom was not available.


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