It’s hardly a surprise that affiliate marketing popularity has increased in the past few years.

With all the make money online scams spreading all over the internet, many people had been burned by at least one of those over hyped methods.

I myself started back in 2003 to look for a decent way to make money online, and I was unlucky enough to join one of those ad rotation clicks scams.

Although after few years down the line I discovered affiliate marketing, it struck me as a complicated business model and I was confused on where to start.

I would like to help people who perhaps had gone through what I have gone through, and I want to offer you a comprehensive affiliate marketing course.

I can at least give you a clear idea of what affiliate marketing is all about and what is really involved to make you a successful affiliate marketer.

Your Niche is Your Passion

Marketers who create affiliate marketing training (free or paid), they focus heavily on niche finding.

That’s because niche finding is the corner stone of any affiliate marketing campaign.

Many of us has hobbies outside the internet sphere and I bet that every single person on this planet has at least 1 field that he knows a lot about and pose a great experience in it.

When you are starting your affiliate marketing journey, it is best that you first consider turning your hobby or your area of expertise into a money making source.

A niche is just another word for market that internet marketers use, and you need to find out if your hobby is a profitable niche.

Say for example that you are expert on weight loss, may be you suffered from this problem and you would like to help other people overcome their weight issues.

I most cases your niche will be very wide with other smaller niches (called micro niches), and to be able to segment your niche will help you make more money as an affiliate marketer.

To clarify, take a look at the diagram on the right and see how niches are segmented.making money on the internet - weight lose niche

You will find that each segment or micro niche down the tree is a whole different market with a different set of products being promoted.

If you can’t segment your niche yourself, then you could use Google to do that for you.

Google has a great function called “auto complete”, and when you type in your niche’s keyword in Google plus “a or b or c” then you will get different set of micro niches.

making money on the internet - google search

From this massive list you can find the micro niche you like.

After you have decided which micro niche you want to promote, the next step is to create your affiliate marketing website.

How to Create an Affiliate Marketing Website

It is not a must to own a website in order to start promoting products as an affiliate.

But I strongly recommend that you do because it will make selling your affiliate product much easier and it will give you more free advertising options.

Also other affiliate marketing training and courses offer techniques that work better if you have a website you are selling

So owning a website will help you apply those techniques and strategies for your affiliate business.

It is going to be your base of operations!

Follow these steps to create your first affiliate website:

  • Buy a domain name for $10 per year
  • Buy a web hosting account for $50 a year (approx)
  • Install WordPress

That’s it! Apart from the investment you are going to put, nothing more to do.

To install WordPress it is easy, most web hosting companies offer a one click tool to install WordPress on your website. If you have trouble with this you can contact their customer support and they will get you up and ready in no time.

Another thing to note here is to buy the domain name from the same company you buy the web hosting from.

This way you won’t have to worry about connecting your domain name to your web hosting account. They automatically do that for you.

Starting your Affiliate Marketing Business

After you have created your website and it is live, you will need to start writing content for your blog.

Try to find ideas to write about, solve other people’s problem in the niche.

You can use Google’s auto-complete feature to also find topics to write about. Again, just type in your micro niche followed by “a or b or c up to Z”.

making money on the internet - weight lose essential oils

These keywords are more than just writing ideas; they are also keywords that are being searched on Google.

So by writing on any of these topics you could get your blog post ranked just based on what you are writing only.

You won’t need much backlinks to promote your posts (depending on the keyword competition of course).

The more content you write the more important your affiliate website becomes, people will start to like you and even more importantly they will start trusting your expertise.

This is very important in affiliate marketing, people who are able to impose their experience and influence on their website visitors tend to sell more.

Just think about it, why would people buy a product that you don’t own and they know you are getting paid for recommending it? This happens only when you have certain level of trust with them. It’s called relationship building.

What to Do Next

Now at this point you should have your affiliate website ready and filled with valuable content that people will love.

After writing few informative posts that purely offer help and not trying to sell something, you will need to then write reviews for your affiliate products.

I recommend for every product review, you write 3 information posts. This way you demonstrate to your readers that you care about helping them more than making money off them.

You will also need to get traffic to your affiliate website so that more people could see your product reviews and buy what you recommend.

You could use these free channels to get targeted traffic to your website:

  1. Social Media traffic from Twitter and Facebook
  2. SEO traffic from Google, although this requires certain skills that are outside the scope of this affiliate marketing course.
  3. Comment on other niche relevant blogs to attract some of the traffic from the blog you are commenting on.
  4. Be active on social communities and leave insightful comments there.

These are great way to start promoting your blog and over the time you will find your audience base increasing and in turn your affiliate sales as well.

ibrahim dahyYou can find out more about making money on the internet here.  There are more affiliate marketing resources available that will help you improve your skills and make you a more complete affiliate marketer.

Article Contributor:
Ibrahim Dahy is a programmer and an Internet marketer
with 9 years of experience. He has w
orked with and partnered
top marketers to develop many best selling tools.


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