Internet marketing is an extremely profitable business. More business owners are turning to starting their own online business instead of typical brick and mortar businesses today as compared to 5 – 10 years ago.

The potential and opportunities to make a lot of money with Online Affiliate Marketing is limitless; if you know how to do it.

As an online business owner or affiliate marketer, you are overwhelmed by several small tasks daily that inevitably takes up a large part of your time. However, these tasks are essential to your success in relation to getting traffic, conversions and sales of the product you are marketing.

Typical task includes creating, optimizing and managing landing pages that capture your lead’s information to grow your email list of subscribers that you can communicate your offers later.

If you have a blog for your business, you will be writing articles that are optimized using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to drive traffic to your offers. You might also be writing and rewriting content for Press Releases on different platforms.

Be An Affiliate With A Business That Helps You To Be Efficient & Productive

While it is true that most of your time is spent online for your back-end work in your business, there are Affiliate Marketing programs that comes with back-end support to help you manage your daily task efficiently.

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They offer business solutions (mainly software) to make your back-end work more productive. Tells you exactly how to focus and prioritize your work.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of training and motivation. As such, the business must be able to provide consistent training to enable you to keep up with ever evolving developments in the online marketing industry.

The key is to find a partnership that fulfills your goals, objectives and guides you every step of your journey to being financially successful in your business. Remember I spoke earlier about the 80/20 theory on getting more with minimal effort and cost.

Maximize and Take Full Advantage of Free Trials

Most reputable affiliate partnerships offer a money back guarantee, Free Trial period between 30 – 60 days but with limited functions so that you can try out before you commit. There are some that allows you full access to win you over right from the beginning.

Be cautious of products that hard sells its products aggressively with suggestions such as “limited period only”, “limited number of copies” or “low offered price”, etc. It’s usually a cue for you to walk away from it.

Reliability, Credibility and Profitability Potential

As discussed, always take the Free Trial before you invest. Tests drive the system, understand how it works, find out how well it helps you to streamline your back-end work, how comprehensive is their marketing support, etc. Always think like the CEO of a big company who has to make key decisions on cost, product value and profit margin.

At the end of the day, some might work while others won’t. Your decision is determined by the appeal of a product to you (and your perspective customers), the efficiency & reliability of its back-end support, consistent upgrades or improvements its sales support, training, and your personal development to help you grow your business.

To summarize, find an affiliate business that has a proven track record of growth potential year to year, excellent customer & tech support, high converting sales funnel, excellent marketing materials, sales tracking, leads management system, strong phone sales follow-up, and personalized training to help you succeed.

To simplify it even further; invest in a great company, work with people that can sell for you, make sure it has fantastic marketing system in place and conducts training that shows you how to find highly targeted traffic that converts.

I have been an affiliate since 2013. One of the best online affiliate marketing programs that is suitable for beginners is “My Online Business Education”. The program caters specifically for a newbie, easing them into the system progressively with one of the most comprehensive training programs available.

Once training is completed, you simply send traffic to their affiliate links to start earning commissions between $4.95 rand $13,500 per sale.

It has a low start- up investment cost of just $19.95 per month, and you get to promote products & services, Live Events and their entire range of online marketing training materials.

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