Many people misinterpret and over analyze how simple it is to start out as an Affiliate Marketer.  To get started, simply sign up as an affiliate with vendors, get your own Affiliate ID, select products to sell and start promoting.

With that being said, although it may sound simple, but getting down to it is a little more complicated. If it was that easy, everyone would be rich but if you get everything right you can make a comfortable income online. 

To start, take a look at three basic things you need to focus on;

  1. Find products that are in demand,
  2. Set-up the platform for your potential customers to find it, and
  3. Promote, monitor and check your sales.

1. Find Products That Are In Demand

Always go for evergreen products. Products that people always need and are always in demand regardless if they really work or not.

Never mind how many it has sold, and never mind how bad times are. It’s one of those “If you need it, you have to get it” type of products.

Always look for products that “offer solutions” to common problems that usually can’t be solved and those that keep trending with new customers. Some examples are dog training, get rich fast programs and lose weight niches.

As soon as you find a niche you feel comfortable with to target, start to look for info-products with the highest volume of prospective customers. Use free online search tools to carry out a detail search.

One of the most useful online tool you can use to find popular or bestselling products in your niche are Google Shopping and Amazon Bestsellers. There are other portals you may like to consider, such as eBay Pulse and Alexa Internet’s What’s Hot.

Then there are popular digital info product websites such as Clickbank and Commission Junction. By the way, Clickbank has one of the highest commission payouts in the industry but it also has just as many affiliates promoting their products.

For health and wellness products, you can look at Market Health.

All the above-mentioned portals usually have search functions that helps you to pick and target the most popular, highest commission in terms of first sale as well as recurring monthly payments.

Affiliate Marketers never stick to one or two products, as such sign up as partners with as many vendors as possible and keep an extensive product line for your business.

2. Set-up the platform for your potential customers to find it

Once you sign up as an affiliate, you simply plug-in a set of html codes and upload the store into your own website (if you have one). Every time someone who visits your website and clicks through, you get paid a commission if customers buy through your affiliate link.

Most affiliate marketers would bundle several products of a same group together and incorporate an online store into their website. This way, it offers customers a wider choice and variety to choose from. This also helps keep your customer on your website longer to browse and buy even more from you.

Besides marketing products through your own website, write product reviews and publish them on Web 2.0 sites with your affiliate links. You can also promote through email marketing, classified advertisements on Craigslist, solo ads, Facebook post, Twitter, etc.

Whatever method you use, make sure you create an opt-in or capture page using an autoresponder to capture leads before you send them to your offer.

3. Promote, Monitor and Check Your Sales.

Besides aggressively marketing and promoting you products, it is very important to track the sales performance of all your products. Without tracking, you are blind to where your sales are coming from.

What happens when you are blind? Well you would simply be wandering around aimlessly not knowing what works and what doesn’t. When that happens, you may end up focusing your energy and efforts in all the wrong places without realizing what went wrong.

Create tracking IDs in all your links, use a tracking software to check your conversions and manage your advertising budget. And always remember to set-up a capture page to collect your customer’s details (name, email or both) so that you can continue to promote to them again.

There are many successful affiliate marketers out there who are damn good at targeting great products to promote, how and where to promote. They make tons of money every single month repeating the same thing over and over again.

However, they never realize how important customer retention is and end up as one hit wonders. This means, they are only able to monetize the front end but leaves money on the table from the back-end. They are not able to leverage and monetize the same customers with new products.

I have known marketers who use SEO in their marketing strategies, go from five-figure a month to zero in a short period due to constant changes in search engine algorithms.  Like they always say, the money is in the list; learn how to use a autoresponder to build your email list from day one!

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