Dye My Hair Ash

Dye My Hair Ash

For the longest time I wanted to dye my hair ash. The furthest I got to was golden brown (albeit temporarily) from a coloured hairspray on my wedding night.

Throughout my entire career, my work did not “permit” me to do so. I didn’t find it appropriate in the professional sense anyway.

Since going full time as an online entrepreneur, I decided to go for it. Chinese New Year was over the weekend and I thought why not.

My First Order With “Edit Suits”

Customizing your casual, business shirts and suits have become a little easier. I have always worn off the rack business shirts from a particular retailer and occasionally from a regular tailor until I found Edit Suits online.

The company was established in Singapore not long ago in 2013 but has been founded in London. I believe they have a local store in the city but the only reason I decided to place an order was it can be done online with measurements done on my own at home.

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