BMW 216D Gran Tourer

BMW 216D Gran Tourer

After driving our trusty and reliable Mitsubishi 1.6GLXi a few months short of 10 years, we had to give it up because first its COE is due and second, her undercarriage started sounding like a MRT train.

Our BMW 216d GRAN TOURER wasn’t exactly our first choice to be honest. We were considering the Honda HRV or Toyota Harrier.

Anyway one thing led to another and we booked our first continental car in the shape of the BMW 216d GRAND TOURER after visiting Kah Motor’s showroom. Here’s my personal BMW 216d GRAN TOURER review if you are considering to buy a MPV

Standard equipment.

  • 1.5L, 220Nm of torque, 136hp, Diesel driven engine,
  • 5 + 2 (seats two Asian child up to 12 years old, and 1.3m tall comfortably),
  • when unused, 2 seats foldable to allow 645L load of boot space. With centre row seats folded, a total of 1905L is possible,
  • leather seats, steering wheel, wood trimmings, control display unit (multimedia, GPS, vehicle information), Bluetooth connection,
  • extra Handphone Charging points and centre aircon outlets below back of front passenger armrest console for rear passengers, and additional last row (boot) charging points. Kids do need to charge their tablets and gadgets too you know,
  • Electric seats for front passenger and driver. The latter allows memory settings for two drivers,
  • parking assistant (for parallel handicapped drivers lol!!),
  • Front, rear and side collision warnings,
  • reverse camera,
  • Hands free Bluetooth connection for one hand phone user (typically for the driver unless he’s the chauffeur and you are the one being driven around). Connection is configurable for multi users,
  • SOS assistance button (press for help if your BMW 216d breakdown),
  • Concierge service. At the press of a button, you can call to check for information on nearest amenities, petrol kiosk, restaurants, shopping centres, etc. You can ask just about anything and you get an answer pretty fast. You actually speak to a real person (VAs from Philippines from the sound of it). Super cool if you ask me. It’s like having your own secretary.
  • Integrated interactive GPS map in the main control display unit,
  • Front and rear passenger centre armrest with cup holders,
  • 17 inch alloy rims no spare tyre because the tyres are “run flat” type. Which means if you have a flat, it automatically inflates and keep it safely pressurised until you drive yourself to the nearest service centre. Last for about 80km before the tyres literally dies on you.
  • First aid kit, warning triangle, tool kit, and reflective vest in case you are on a highway in the middle of the night and need to stay visible to other traffic.
  • BMW Remote. This is an app where you can download into Smartphone. The app enables remote activation of ventilation, pre-conditioning of your BMW 216d before you arrive at your car.
    This can be done right away or at a predetermined time. This function is useful if your car has been baking under the sun for some time so when it’s activated, by the time you get into the cabin, it should be pretty comfortable to sit in before you turn on the air-conditioning.
    You can also lock, unlock, sound the horn (if you don’t remember where you parked it), flash the headlight and locate your BMW 216d via GPS (in the event it’s stolen), etc. Do note this takes a couple of minutes as the prompt needs to be relayed to a server before it sends a signal to the car to activate the action
  • GPS maps are updated via BMW CONNECTED DRIVE. This is a paid service which is free for the first year if I am not wrong.


Servicing and Warranty

In addition, this is what convinced us to buy the BMW 216d;

  • 5 years warranty or 100,000km whichever comes first,
  • Free servicing includes engine oil change, parts and labor,
  • BMW concierge service (connected drive)

Additional Options (worth buying)

For just another $100 each, you get to chose from the below;

  • Window film from 3M,
  • Two grooming packages,
  • pick and deliver service for servicing,
  • $100 for an additional year of insurance,

Our experience with our BMW 216d so far.

She is our first continental car. The electronics, gadgets, comfort, and especially the drive handling has been wonderful but a little overwhelming to the extent of being confusing.

The GPS is now integrated into the centre control unit so, no more hand phone or GPS holders on the windscreen to distract you. The map is also updated regularly which is nice.

The fuel economy is a real WOW. On the spec sheet, it says a full 60L tank can cover about 1,100KM.

During the first week of driving, we only managed 650+ KM due to the fact that we are still getting use to our car. Our first fuel top-up cost $66 for 60L of diesel.

This works out to more than half of what we used to fill up for our Mitsubishi.

At the time of REVIEW, we have covered just above 200KM and the indicator shows just above the 3 quarter tank mark which is nice.

Line of sight is blocked by the two column beams to the left and right which make checking traffic or obstacles while driving.

We are still getting use to the car though and sometimes the comfort access (hands free) for the rear tailgate can be a little frustrating. The parking camera and alerts can get a little annoying (we never had them with our Mitsubishi) but it has made us more careful.

Other features such as the BMW CONNECT and REMOTE APP are value added to please owners for sure but certainly very useful for new converts like us.

If you have never owned a diesel powered car before, one of the things you’ll need to get used to is the engine noise. It’s definitely a little “louder” than petrol driven car from the outside.

This is however compensated with the crazy fuel saving we got!

I once thought a taxi was driving up the drive way while waiting for my wife Brenda to pick me up and completely ignored it until she honked at me hahahahah

As far as the comfort of the cabin, it’s definitely a lot more luxurious than our previous car. There is definitely no lack power (sufficient torque) for a 1.5L car with the size and capacity of the BMW 216d Grand Tourer.

The suspension is a little hard though and not as comfortable as a regular sedan. I reckon it’s due to her height and the way its interior is laid out.

I think this is common for most MPV type cars I suppose. It could also be that we never had a MPV before so our opinion might be a little bias.

There are three different driving modes. They are sports, comfort and eco- pro. The latter which I find extremely useful in fuel saving.

This feature essentially makes the accelerator a little stiffer and harder to step on which prevents the driver from over accelerating. With this feature, it adds a new gauge below the odometer or tachometer which displays in light blue color.

The blue bar grows longer as you step on the accelerator. The idea is to limit the bar as low as possible and in doing so, the car will reward you with bonus mileage. The system also keeps your engine revving below 2,000RPM.

It also conserves as much energy as possible from the 216d’s turbo.

It’s like playing a computer game for me. The more light footed I drive, the more mileage I earn! Pretty sweet if you ask me.

On the other hand, the sports mode gives you the feel of driving completely two different cars in relation to BMW’s two car in one engineering philosophy.

The suspension system lowers and the throttle response becomes more sensitive.

There are some features that I am not particularly impressed with. One of which is the front passenger and driver chassis columns to the right and left of the car. You need to tilt your head to the right a little more to check road conditions.

Other than that, we are really enjoying the comfort (luxury), drive and fuel economy of our new ride. If you are looking around for a MPV with a little more luxury and prestige to fit a family of 4-7 (2 child), the 216d is worth considering.

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