BMW 216d Gran Tourer Owner’s Review

BMW 216d Gran Tourer Owner’s Review

After driving our trusty old Mitsubishi Lancer GLXi close to 10 years, we finally had to get it replaced due to wear & tear. Getting the worn out parts replaced and having the engine overhauled just doesn’t make economical sense.

Our local car ownership regulations does not allow cars to be driven beyond 10 years although an extension is possible but expensive. On top of that, insurance would cost 30% more and yearly inspections are required to be certified road worthy.

So as much as we would love to keep her even though she has served us well, it just doesn’t make sense cost wise; sentiments aside.

Against all odds on us buying a continental car which we never would have imagined; we ended up with the new 2016 BMW 216d Gran Tourer. This is a vlog of our new ride.


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LastPass – Password Manager Software Review

LastPass – Password Manager Software Review

Are you sick and tired of trying to remember all the passwords to your email accounts, software backoffice log-ins, membership sites, social media accounts and everything that requires log-in credentials? I know exactly what it’s like.

As a new internet marketer just starting out, you will soon realize that nothing is more frustrating than trying to remember new passwords to different online accounts, create unique ones every single time whenever required, and to make matters worse; saving each of them securing without losing them.

You end up misplacing every log-in credential frequently and having to reset with new passwords again which is annoying just as it is troublesome.

In the past (like many of you), I use one password for every single online account to save time which is prone to hacking. To resolve that, I laboriously create, copy and save every new log-in credential using formulas in an excel spreadsheet.

The problem is that all my private information stored in every account can be easily hacked, and saved excel spreadsheet files are not secured (since computers can crash) which leads to unproductive time trying to find my passwords.

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And it’s for this reason that I’m pleased to share with you a FREE to use online tool called “LastPass”. “LastPass” is created with internet marketers in mind. It is password management tool that stores all your passwords using the best encryption algorithms to ensure complete security in the cloud.As the name suggests, “LastPass” stores all your passwords and keeps everything organized in your own vault.

This way you will never forget a single password, you have access to them online & offline, help generate strong unique passwords when required, auto change new passwords and audits old vulnerable passwords at the click of a button.

Unlike other password management tools available on the market which I have tried before, “LastPass” not only manages passwords, it also helps keep track of other important information & simplify your online life with just a few simple clicks. Let’s take a look at how “LastPass” works, plus feedback from other users on why they are extremely pleased with;

Unlimited password storage – once you save it, you’ll always have it when needed and logging in is quick & easy. One password to remember – all you need is one master password to access your own vault. And that’s the only password you need to remember,

Helps keep digital records – insurance cards, memberships, wif-fi passwords; keeps everything safe and easy to find,

Simplified online shopping – if you shop online regularly, your profile will auto-fill your payment and shipping details automatically,

And perhaps the most important of all; Fortify your passwords! Only you know your master password to gain access to all the passwords you saved. So only you can access your information in your encrypted vault – NOT EVEN LastPass can.

This is due to “LastPass” use of the industrys’ Leading Encryption Algorithms; AES-256 bit encryption, salted hashing, and PBKDF2 SHA-256 to ensure complete security in the cloud.

Here’s just a snippet of what existing users are saying about “LastPass”;

“I feel so much safer knowing I have different password for every website. Even when a website gets hacked, I know everything else is safe”

– Jeff M.


“LastPass Enterprise just makes it so much easier to to have, to maintain and its completely secured”

– Homer Bartlette, 

Director Internal Resources, MailChimp


“I’ve completely switched my entire password management solutions after spending days researching, testing, and playing with it. Over to you LastPass!”

– Steve Gibson 

Security Researcher

By now I bet you want to know how much it’s going to cost to use “LastPass”. And that’s a fair question given that we are talking about a vault to securely store all the important information that is vital to the survival of your business and online personal digital profile.

However, because like many new online business owners who have had trouble with same problem before you; “LastPass” is built a little like a social enterprise to help people manage their online digital security efficiently and effectively to save time to be more productive.

You can sign-up and use “LastPass” completely FREE with a personal account while the premium and enterprise accounts are just $1/ month or $2/ month respectively, which I feel is not necessary for new internet marketers just starting out.

You might also like to know that previously, “LastPass” is only free to use on one laptop, but now it’s free to download and use for every device you own.

All you need to do right now is click the link here, sign up and start securing all your passwords. Unlike many other online tools out there, there is no credit card to enter, there is no subscription, it’s just a one time sign-up and you are set.

And I’m confident you’ll find “LastPass” extremely useful as soon as you see how simple, secured and productive it is in helping you manage your digital identity.

Put simply, no more trying to remember different passwords, no more wasting time to manage every account profile, no more losing and having to reset passwords you can’t remember, and most of all; spend time focused on the important things that makes you money online.

FREE is a great price for something as useful as “LastPass” is. There are so many software and tools online today that internet marketers get promoted on but frankly “LastPass” is one tool that I am glad to own and without paying a single cent to use it on my laptop and every device I own.

Internet marketing is all about being more efficient, productive and the ability to protect your online business.

Do the smart thing; sign-up and log-in to “LastPass”.


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Dye My Hair Ash

Dye My Hair Ash

For the longest time I wanted to dye my hair ash. The furthest I got to was golden brown (albeit temporarily) from a coloured hairspray on my wedding night.

Throughout my entire career, my work did not “permit” me to do so. I didn’t find it appropriate in the professional sense anyway.

Since going full time as an online entrepreneur, I decided to go for it. Chinese New Year was over the weekend and I thought why not.

My First Order With “Edit Suits”

Customizing your casual, business shirts and suits have become a little easier. I have always worn off the rack business shirts from a particular retailer and occasionally from a regular tailor until I found Edit Suits online.

The company was established in Singapore not long ago in 2013 but has been founded in London. I believe they have a local store in the city but the only reason I decided to place an order was it can be done online with measurements done on my own at home.

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