Using videos for affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways to get highly targeted free traffic. However, video marketing has yet to catch up with many internet marketers although some are already using it.

Just like SEO for a blog post or website, there are steps to follow in optimizing your videos to rank with Google and YouTube. It is not as simple as recording a video, uploading it on YouTube, write a short description, and inserting links to your capture page.

With Video Search Engine Optimization, your chances of getting ranked faster on YouTube are far better than trying to rank with Google. Your YouTube video will also rank in Google since both entities are partners.

Internet Marketers are starting to realize the power of video marketing and how easy it is to rank with YouTube but are not familiar with YouTube Video SEO.

First and foremost, with SEO Video Marketing you have to let Google (and YouTube) know what your video is about. To get more views to your videos, Google and YouTube are looking at three things; the most important being relevancy.

The idea is to make sure your keyword or topic is relevant in the eyes of the Google & YouTube. For example, if my video is on how to fry an egg without using a pan I have to explain in as many ways as possible (with related keywords) what your video is about without being “spammy”, black hat, or annoying, etc.

There are six things you need to prepare for YouTube Video SEO;

  • The title of the video,
  • It’s description,
  • The right tags to use,
  • The location,
  • Custom thumbnails, and
  • Annotations


Make sure your video’s keyword(s) are IN the title. If you are not sure which keyword to use, do refer to my earlier blog post on “how to do keyword research correctly”.

If your keyword is not in the title, the chances of your video being found is virtually ZERO, needless to say it won’t be viewed.


Many people are too lazy to fill in the description for the video. A well written description content with your keyword(s) and links will rank your video above many others.

Start your description with;

  • your keyword,
  • followed by your URL (,
  • a useful mini-blog post description (with the keyword at least one more time),
  • A Call-to-Action (CTA) by inserting your channel URL, i.e. a direct to subscribed link (to your channel (,
  • URL to another video of yours that you want to get ranked, and
  • A tracking link embedded to another CTA (besides asking to subscribe), to track your lead capture, response and sales.

PS – Imagine if your video (if it’s good) gets picked up and embedded into other sites, think about the rank juice you are going to get.


Using related tags from other videos that are already ranked will help you siphon traffic to your own video. This works by finding out what are the tags used on your competitor’s videos.

You simply go the video page, right click on your mouse, select view page source, find the meta keywords that they use and pick a few that is related to your video to use as tags.

Another tip; always insert your channel tag, other tags of your products, and other videos you have. This will get YouTube to pull up your other videos to show as suggestions to your viewers on the right side bar and at the end of your video. This is to keep your viewers engaged with you.


This is not particularly important unless you are a geographically targeted business owner, i.e. brick & mortar shopfront, real estate agents, or target people in a specific area, etc.

Don’t enter any area or location details unless you want to limit your audience to a specific area. If you aren’t, don’t kill your chances to capture leads!

Custom Thumbnails

Did you know that you can create your own custom thumbnails instead of using the default generated ones that are pull out randomly by YouTube as your video uploads.

What you want to do is to go to the “Features” page in settings and get your account verified and in good standing to have the custom thumbnail feature enabled. Once you have done that, you will see most of the tabs in green which means you are good to go with a lot more other features to help your video rank better.


These are like sticky notes you can post at certain intervals in your video. They are typically used as CTAs to encourage your viewers to click through a capture page for your offer or more information to whatever you are promoting.

A reminder though, they are extremely annoying to some people so it’s important to use it as little as possible while at the same time effectively accomplish your objective. Three things you need to have in your annotations;

  • Keyword with CTA,
  • Subscription CTA, and
  • External link annotation (take people outside of YouTube) to your own website, landing or sales page.

Here is another tip to enhance your optimization. Get a transcript written that includes the keyword and upload it into YouTube. Not many people are using this method, so it’s a great opportunity to get you ranked higher up on YouTube and Google.

I believe you have several videos to upload and optimize, as such I strongly recommend you hire a Virtual Assistant (VA) to write them for you. Your time is worth more than your effort to write a transcript.

What you have just read are some basic Video SEO Tips which will help your videos rank higher compared to other videos on YouTube that are not optimized.

Click the “Play” button, find out what are some video search engine optimization strategies that only 1% of all people use to rank faster and higher on YouTube!  


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